2015 AGM  

2015 AGM

2015 AGM was held on 26th September, attended by BLIA North Island President Steven Xu, Head Advisor Dolly Tsai, Venerable Abbess Manshin, Minister in Charge Venerable Juehao, Advisors, directors, sub-chapter chairs and committee members, altogether 120 people.

President Xu talked about the numerous seminars held during the year to keep everyone on the path to learn and practice Buddhism. He also praised Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s ¡°Hear me out, messages from a humble monk¡± series as providing more great material for everyone to contemplate, discuss and utilise for their daily practice.

The day¡¯s meeting agendas included:
• Attending ¡°Yoga Flaming Lips Dharma Function¡± at Da Jue Temple on 21st October.
• Attending ¡°Seminar for recent Triple Gem Refuge Takers¡± on 15th November.
• Buddhist Knowledge Examination on 10th July 2016.
• Attending ¡°2015 Mass Choir to Celebrate the Great Buddha¡± music festival at Fo Guang Shan Head quarter.

Afterwards the Abbess reminded everyone that investigating Ch¡¯an isn¡¯t just sitting meditation but through purifying the mind through personal improvement and benefitting others. Fo Guang Shan can help people to discover joy and wisdom, therefore obtaining self awareness, inner potentials and understand dependent origination. Understanding all phenomenon are due to the coming together of causes and conditions can allow one to let go, find life¡¯s direction, elevate the quality of life and able to continue this life time¡¯s mission to the next life cycle. The light of self reconstruction can be shared with others so we can complete our practice by continuously developing the Bodhi mind and making vows.

2015 AGM  
2015 AGM  
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