An Introduction to Fo Guang Shan North Island NZ  

An Introduction to Fo Guang Shan North Island NZ

Auckland is known as the ¡°City of Sails¡±. Fo Guang Shan North Island is situated in this stunning international city famous for its yachts, and occupied an area of four hectares.
The planning of the Temple is adapted from the palatial design of the Tang Dynasty, using greyish green glazed roof tiles, maroon stone pillars and vertical slat window frames to project magnificence, grandeur, cultivation and strength. The courtyard is lined with stone lanterns of the Tang Dynasty, with pine trees, bamboo, cherry blossoms and willows imparting an atmosphere of grace and elegance. The temple is next to the new 64.7-hectare Sir Barry Curtis Park, one of the largest parks in Auckland. With thousands of trees planted, the Park and the Temple will be complementary to each other.
Fo Guang Shan North Island will not only continue to be a place where monastics can live and propagate Buddhism, but also a ¡°Home of Wisdom¡± to all. Fo Guang Shan North Island will carry on the ideal of Humanistic Buddhism as expounded by Venerable Master Hsing Yun, fulfilling the four mottoes of ¡°Giving Others Confidence¡±, ¡°Giving Others Joy¡±, ¡°Giving Others Convenience¡± and ¡°Giving Others Hope¡±, so that with the Buddha¡¯s light shining across the three thousand realms and Dharma water flowing through the five continents, the goals of localisation, internationalism, multiculturalism and youthfulness will be achieved.

An Introduction to Fo Guang Shan North Island NZ  
An Introduction to Fo Guang Shan North Island NZ  
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   Contact Details

   Address: Fo Guang Shan    North Island New Zealand
   16 Stancombe Road
   Flat Bush, Manukau 2016, NZ
   Tel: +64 9 274 4880
   Fax: +64 9 274 4550

   Opening Hours
   Tuesday to Sunday
   Open on Public holidays

   Tea House
   Opening Hours: 10am-4:30pm
   An array of healthy vegetarian food, coffee and tea are served here. Beautiful Buddhist art and gifts are also available for sale.

   All are welcome to join us in our activities in Education,Culture, Charity and Dharma propagation.