Humanistic Buddhism Seminar Given by Professor Li Lee An  

Humanistic Buddhism Seminar Given by Professor Li Lee An

On 19th February, Professor Li Lee An, Head of the Northwest University¡¯s Faculty of Buddhism Research (Xuan Zang Institute); visited to temple to give a special seminar called ¡°Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s influence on life science¡±. This seminar have attracted an audience of over 180 people, including specials guests Venerable Abbess Manshin, South Island Temple Minister in Charge Venerable Juexi, Dolly Tsai, BLIA New Zealand Head Advisor; Rakesh Naidoo, Police Inspector and Race Relations Strategic Advisor to the Human Right Commission.

During the seminar Professor Li explained the meaning of human life by categorising it into (3+1). By (3) he meant that the 3 levels to human nature that¡¯s already commonly accepted by secular society, which is the biological nature of life, social nature of life and mental nature of life. By (1) he meant the spiritual nature of life. Then the professor further explained how Humanistic Buddhism provides for life science and how it addresses the needs of all levels of life¡¯s needs. First, Humanistic Buddhism respect human¡¯s biological nature yet also transcends it. Second, Humanistic Buddhism recognises the importance of human¡¯s social nature and seeks to elevate the quality of it. Third, Humanistic Buddhism emphasises the transformation of human¡¯s spiritual life. Fourth, Humanistic Buddhism nurtures and skilfully utilises human¡¯s original intrinsic nature.

Professor Li concluded that the spiritual life includes both the inner spirit and external spirit. Looking from the perspective of human nature, Humanistic Buddhism is about the healing, improving, uncovering and perfection of human nature. This is why Humanistic Buddhism can be used to comprehensively take control of human nature and make penetrative contemplations toward it. With the foundation of respect for human nature, the extent of this nature can be gradually uncovered and eventually perfected. Through this process of improving human nature good characters can also be sculpted along the way. This will also result in a happy and carefree life. Hence Humanistic Buddhism prioritises around humans, and can be categorised as a new kind of humanism and life science.

This captivating lecture was concluded with a Q & A session. It was followed by a speech from the Abbess where she thanked the Professor for presenting such profound dissemination of the meaning of life. It also showed a clear way to contemplate life, to understand what one wants in life and how to improve one¡¯s life.

Feedback from the audiences showed that Professor Li¡¯s seminar was lucid, interesting and clearly academically presented. Not only has it prompted people to think about the importance of faith when it comes to life science, it also reinforced people¡¯s faith toward Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s ability to brighten one¡¯s life.

Humanistic Buddhism Seminar Given by Professor Li Lee An  
Humanistic Buddhism Seminar Given by Professor Li Lee An  
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