Saturday Morning Meditation Class ¨C Learning about Gratitude

Another session of Saturday Morning Meditation Class was held at the temple on 4th March. This session included 22 members of European, Filipino, Korean, Chinese and New Zealand backgrounds. Under the instruction Venerable Miaoyu they conducted walking meditation, indoor and outdoor sitting meditation and contemplative meditation. Whether it¡¯s among the cherry blossom trees, the lawn or the pebbled path, everywhere is the best spot for meditation.

Venerable Miaoyu guided the students to understand ¡°Cause and conditions¡± with the instruction of: ¡°Even though every mondo grass on the courtyard has received the nurturing of sunlight and rain drops, yet their appearances and way of growing are still different.¡± It is hoped that through this sort of meditative contemplation and observation, the students can understanding the true appearance and process of life, therefore truly experience the meaning of life.

After class the students shared their insights with each other inside the Meditation Hall. Many of them expressed that originally they all felt that meditation is just sitting down to obtain peace and relaxation. But through the process they realised that meditative concentration is not easy to obtain with many delusive thoughts arising all the time. After 3 classes they begin to build a foundation for sitting meditation, and through contemplating ¡°Causes and Conditions¡± they begin to more clearly comprehend the relationship between themselves, their families, colleagues and society in general. Not only has this reduced their complaint to life, they also realised the need for self-discipline, willingness to accept challenges and transcendence of the self. This will enrich their lives, and make them cherish everything more with gratitude.

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