¡°Auckland Art Salon¡± Held for Various New Zealand Artists at the Temple  

¡°Auckland Art Salon¡± Held for Various New Zealand Artists at the Temple

Opening ceremonies for ¡°New Zealand Art Salon¡± was held at Fo Guang Shan North Island on 4th March. The day¡¯s three exhibitions exhibition included ¡°An exhibition of recent works by Dean Buchanan¡± and ¡°Auckland Art Festival Eye Spy Children¡¯s Photographic Exhibition¡±. The day¡¯s event attracted an audience of over 400 people.

Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition
23 local artists came for the Art Salon, and they were taken on a tour of ¡°Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition¡± by Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Curator Venerable Abbess Manshin. The artists were touched and amazed at the Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s artistry and at his inspiring determination and resilience to propagate the Dharma at the ripe age of 90. The Abbess reminded everyone that Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery is a platform for local artists to shine and to bring beautiful and virtuous work for the public. She hopes more artists will come into the temple to better understand Humanistic Buddhism in order combine wisdom with art. She wished this trip of cultural and art exchange can bring out everyone¡¯s muse so can create more touching works that will harmony to society.

¡°An Exhibition of Recent Works by Dean Buchanan"
The temple¡¯s gallery also showed cased works done by Dean Buchanan documenting his ¡°travels¡±. This exhibition included acrylic paintings from Dean and sculptures from his son Rudi. The exhibition opening ceremony included Dean himself, his son, Zhou Zhong Xing, Head of Taipei Economic and Cultural Office; Venkat Raman, Editor and General Manager of Indian Newslink; Adele White, Chairperson of Local Howick Board; Stephan Yu, President of BLIA North Island; Advisor Peter Young and Consultant Yang Yuan Yung, altogether 250 in attendance.

The Abbess thanked Dean and Rudi for their amazing work. Their work expressed the natural beauty of New Zealand and their passion for life through vivid colours on large canvases. She also encouraged them to produce more great work to bring more joy and hope to the audiences. Zhou Zhong Xing praised the temple for its meticulous planning for this exhibition. He also commended the efforts to bring the wisdom of Buddhist culture and ideals to the public, which creates more diversity and purifies people¡¯s mind. This was followed by Venkat Raman, who spoked about the destruction of nature by mankind and how Dean¡¯s work is a reminder for everyone to protect the environment. Finally Yang Yuan Yung, the person who facilitated the happening of this exhibition, described Dean¡¯s creative technique of using colour to express dynamic and motion, which showed the vitality of the artist¡¯s inspirations. He hopes the positive energy from these pieces can be promoted widely by the stage of Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery.

¡°Auckland Art Festival Eye Spy Children¡¯s Photography Exhibition¡±
The ¡°Auckland Art Festival Eye Spy Children¡¯s Photography Exhibition¡± was officially opened on the same at 4:00pm. This exhibition was made possible by organiser Noma, who invited professional photographers Raymond Sagapolutele and Emily Mafile to teach the young participants how to take proper photographs back from 12th-19th January. These children¡¯s subsequent works were displayed at this exhibition. The day¡¯s opening ceremony attracted over an audience of over 70 people.

During the opening ceremony the Abbess presented prizes to the children. She also praised the children for creating such creative works that recorded their daily lives in such an innocence and pure manners. The Abbess also thanked the Auckland art community¡¯s contributions to make such an exhibition possible, not only will this encourage these young spirits, it will has also added value to the community.

Auckland Art Director Carla Van Zon expressed that: ¡°While through the newspaper we often see many negative and unfortunate events, but through the photos of these children we get to see a different world, a world that is full of beauty and hope.¡± She also thanked Fo Guang Shan North Island for providing such a space for culture and spirit. Not only will such event immerse children in culture, but it will also plant seeds of kindness in their hearts.

¡°Auckland Art Salon¡± Held for Various New Zealand Artists at the Temple  
¡°Auckland Art Salon¡± Held for Various New Zealand Artists at the Temple  
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