New Market Probus Club Attends Temple Tour  

New Market Probus Club Attends Temple Tour

On March 22, the Chairperson Graham Astley of New Market Probus Club and 36 members visited Fo Guang Shan North Island. The tour group was welcomed by Nick.

Nick introduced the temple¡¯s architectural principals and functions, the philosophy behind each Shrines, Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s One Stroke Calligraphy World Touring Exhibition and one of the New Zealand¡¯s best known artist Dean Buchanan¡¯s Exhibition etc. These interactions gave the visitors new perspective and insights regarding Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s development in education, culture, art and Dharma propagation.

Visiting the Pagoda was one of the highlight of the tour, where the guests were amazed by the simple and unique architectural design. As the visitors walked along the path flanked by water, they listened to the sound of water while immersed among the serene and harmonious atmosphere. Some visitors even expressed their wish to build their own Pagoda at home.

Another highlight was Dean Buchanan¡¯s Exhibition. It just so happened that during the introduction Dean was in the middle of his new painting, and the visitors were excited to have the great opportunity to interactive with Dean. Many of them expressed as that they already have collected Dean¡¯s work for over ten years.

At the end, the visitors are pleased with the warm reception. They are more than happy to take their family and friends to participate our activities, and taste the Tea House¡¯s delicious vegetarian dishes.

New Market Probus Club Attends Temple Tour  
New Market Probus Club Attends Temple Tour  
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   Address: Fo Guang Shan    North Island New Zealand
   16 Stancombe Road
   Flat Bush, Manukau 2016, NZ
   Tel: +64 9 274 4880
   Fax: +64 9 274 4550

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   Tuesday to Sunday
   Open on Public holidays

   Tea House
   Opening Hours: 10am-4:30pm
   An array of healthy vegetarian food, coffee and tea are served here. Beautiful Buddhist art and gifts are also available for sale.

   All are welcome to join us in our activities in Education,Culture, Charity and Dharma propagation.