BLIA Joins Counties Manukau Police Pay Parade  

BLIA Joins Counties Manukau Police Pay Parade

The annual ¡°Counties Manukau District Pay Parade and Awards Ceremony¡± was held at the Howick RSA on 24th March. Special guests for this event included John Tims, Counties Manukau Police Superintendent; Mike Bush, Police Commissioner; Phil Goff, Mayor of Auckland; Jami Lee Ross, Local MP; Manukau Police officers, Council members, and community leaders; the 7 member Fo Guang Shan representatives included Venerable Abbess Manshin, Venerable Rulian, Sally Wong, BLIA North Island Vice-president, Annie, BLIA North Island Director, and other BLIA and YAD members, altogether there were 300 people in attendance.

The parade consisted of officers marching down the street of Howick while being flanked by 3 horses and the police dog squadron. Sound of bagpipes from the Police band made the event¡¯s atmosphere especially joyous and magnificent. The whole scene drew much applause from the audience.

Superintendent Mike Bush and Mayor Phil Goff inspected each contingent of the parade, including Arm Offender¡¯s Squad, Plain Clothe Squad, Police Dog Squad and Auxillary Staff of the police force. The Mayor spoke to thank each member of the police force for their constant services and sacrifices to the community, and their willingness to face any danger to ensure the safety of this nation.

This was followed by the Superintendent who praised each officer¡¯s professionalism and dedication during their line of duty, and reassurance they should be proud of what they have achieved.

Finally Commissioner Mike Bush gave the day¡¯s concluding remarks that set out to remind every officer their mission is to ensure safety and harmony of society. He also thanked the public for supporting many aspects of police work, as only with cooperation between police and the public can there be a safe community.

BLIA Joins Counties Manukau Police Pay Parade  
BLIA Joins Counties Manukau Police Pay Parade  
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