Opening Day of the 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  

Opening Day of the 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±

The first day of the 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± was held on 9th May. It was participated by 190 students, their teachers and parents from Sunnyhills Primary School. They were received by Venerable Abbess Manshin, Venerables and BLIA members.

The students formed into 4 groups to visit the Courtyard, Main Shrine, striking the wishing bell, and making lotus origami. For the students the day¡¯s highlight was the ¡°Siddhartha in the Human World ¨C Buddha¡¯s Birthday Special Exhibition¡± At the exhibition they learned how to bathe the Buddha, learning about the Buddha¡¯s story, simulation of making light offerings at the pilgrimage site of Ganges River, writing wishing cards and a wide variety of activities. This made them feel the joy, diversity and sacred characteristics of Buddhism.

The day¡¯s activities also included watching short films ¡°Do Good Deeds¡± and ¡°Little Monk Sees the World¡±. Like past years, Officers Piho Tauiti and Martin also came to support the event on behalf of the police. Through interactive demonstration and Q&A sessions, 5 students got to wear police uniforms after they have correctly answered the contents of ¡°3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving¡±, where their handsome display received much applause from the audiences.

School teacher Whaea expressed that the students were filled with curiosity after witnessing the architecture, Buddha statues, mondo grass of the courtyard, steps, and wishing bell etc. Through this journey of cultural discovery brought the visitor closer to Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s rich essence. Teachers and parents all agreed 2 hours isn¡¯t not long enough.

Upon departure every student received a gift of ¡°Auspicious wind chime¡±. The Abbess also reminded them that: ¡°Wind chime can spin, this is akin to turning the ideals of 3G4G to be actualised and transmitted in real life. I hope New Zealand will continue to development harmoniously to add points to the realisation of 3G4G.¡± Finally the Abbess led all the students of shout: ¡°3G4G in Action!¡±

Opening Day of the 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  
Opening Day of the 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  
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