The 4th Annual ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± seeks to Cultivate Life  

The 4th Annual ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± seeks to Cultivate Life

On 16th May 330 students and 91 teachers and parents from Sunnyhill Primary School came to join the temple¡¯s ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±, splitting the groups into both morning and afternoon sessions.

The day started with the students gathering around the culture corridor to receive instructions from Venerable Zhiming and Sally Wong, to learn how to join palms and greet with the phrase ¡°Ji Xiang¡± and to revise the meaning of ¡°3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving¡±. This was followed them being arranged into 4 groups. Many students exclaimed: ¡°So big; so beautiful; so fun etc¡± and proceeded to jump around the courtyard¡¯s mondo grass and skip toward their tour destinations.

The children sat on top of the courtyard¡¯s strong and resilient mondo grass while listening to the tour guide¡¯s introductions. Around the eastern corridor reverberation of the wishing bell can be heard and many children were seen run around with lotus origamis fastened to their head and hands. At the ¡°Siddhartha in the Human World¡± exhibition the students lined up to bathe the Buddha, listen to volunteer¡¯s telling of the Buddha¡¯s story and to pin wishing leaves onto the wall. This was followed by learning about the Buddha¡¯s life inside the Main Shrine, learning about the temple¡¯s architectures and culture, and to enjoy delicious ¡°3G4G brownies¡± around the cherry blossom trees. Many smiling faces of innocence and purity can be seen to joyfully chit chat with each other.

Manukau Police Representatives Piho Tauiti and Fu came to interact with the students by especially organising a Q&A session regarding ¡°3G4G¡±. Winners who answered the questions correctly got to adorn their own miniature handsome police uniforms.
Upon the day¡¯s completion each students received a gift of ¡°3G4G wind chime¡±. While sounding the chimes they shouted ¡°3G4G in Action¡± to remind themselves to always do the Three Good Deeds and Four Kinds of Giving in real life to improve themselves.

This is Sunnyhills Primary School¡¯s first outing to ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±, and they have brought in 3 separate groups of students. The teachers and parents were very impressed by the event¡¯s operation, BLIA volunteer¡¯s hospitality and the temple¡¯s beautiful environment.

Principle Justine Driver thanked Fo Guang Shan for organising this very meaningful event. She also added all the students were really happy and felt they have learnt a lot, and all the email responses from parents thought this spiritual journey was excellent. Even though this is the fourth time this event was held, it is the first participating from her school, so she didn¡¯t have expectations before attending. The experience was very rewarding and all photos taken from the day were put up in every class for everyone to see. The students all happily chatted with each other about the day¡¯s experiences and what they¡¯ve learnt. She wished to keep the spirit of 3G4G at her school and to promote it to the public via facebook.

Assistant Principle Robyn Steel expressed that regardless of the religious background of students and their families, I hope they can all face issues with positivity, which is why the school have decided to join ¡°3G4G Festival of culture sharing¡±. This trip has truly opened the eyes of many teachers as one of her colleagues was apprehensive about joining the activities of a Buddhist temple and kept on asking why do we want to promote 3G4G? But upon joining on the day she was very happy and expressed that only through participating can she realise the meaning within. As this event allows her to learn about different culture, tolerance and good service attitude.

Mothers Helen, Jacqui, Nicki and Helen, and fathers William, Jeff, Richard and Geoff all shared that all temple activities were interesting and the volunteer¡¯s explanation of symbolisms were simple and clear enough to allow the children to understand. This can allow the spirit of 3G4G to be instilled in every part of life and its rules. As example they talked about teaching their own kids to respect each other and to help each other. Now they see these teachings in action at every corner of the temple with the spirit of ¡°giving¡± shown by all the volunteers, all in order to spread the ideals of 3G4G. They all really liked the temple¡¯s tranquil and pleasant atmosphere and believe all the children have obtained a piece of joy from it. Even though they have joined in many extracurricular activities with their kids they liked this trip the most, and the most touching part was the sincere smile shown on each children¡¯s face while they bathed the Buddha. They also felt that there are many negative people and events out there, so this experience regarding 3G4G can improve the children¡¯s life¡¯s qualities.

The 4th Annual ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± seeks to Cultivate Life  
The 4th Annual ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± seeks to Cultivate Life  
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