4th ※3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing§ 每 Revealing Essence through Simplicity  

4th ※3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing§ 每 Revealing Essence through Simplicity

This is the third year Baverstock Oak School has joined the temple*s ※3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing§. This year*s outing happened on 18th May, where the students were so excited by the news of their returning trip to the temple that many exclaimed ※We are going to the Temple!§

On the day 120 students arrived with their teachers and parents to start the day with a tai chi session led by Venerable Miaoyu, where coordination of movement with breathing taught them how to adjust their bodies. Then they practiced sitting meditation on top of the mondo grass.

The ※Siddhartha in the World§ exhibition attracted many students to bathe the Buddha, offer lights, listen about the Buddha*s story and make wishing cards. Then they were given gifts of ※3G4G auspicious wind chimes§, to which YAD member Karzin explained the wind chime represent putting 3G4G into action by its constant spinning from the wind. The student proceeded to finish their day by blowing their wind chimes and shouting ※3G4G in action!§

Two of the student representatives thanked the temple on behalf of all the pupils for the day*s meticulous preparations including learning about different culture and sitting meditation.

Teacher Christine expressed that: ※This cultural festival by Fo Guang Shan is very thoroughly planned. I can see the tai chi and sitting meditation have given all the children a sense and peace and that focused attentions shone through their eyes.§ She felt that the whole process of learning Chinese culture, visiting an exhibition about the Buddha, and watching a film about the Buddha are very clear methods to show the essence of Buddhism, and reiterated that: ※These are excellent educational methods!§

In the afternoon 10 students from Manurewa High School*s Chinese class also visited the temple. Through the temple tour they learned about the symbolism and functions of the architectures and various shrines, and the meaning of 3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving. The students were impressed by Fo Guang Shan*s efforts locally and were touched by Venerable Master Hsing Yun*s wish of bringing the beauty of Humanistic Buddhism to the world through culture, education, cultivation and charity. To this experience their comments were: ※We need to bring more people here, because this is the human Pure Land.§

4th ※3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing§ 每 Revealing Essence through Simplicity  
4th ※3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing§ 每 Revealing Essence through Simplicity  
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