The 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  

The 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±

The 4th annual ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± was completed on 19th May. This year the event attracted over 1400 students from 7 local primary, intermediate and high schools to come and experience the culture of Humanistic Buddhism.

This year¡¯s last visit was by 240 students and their teachers from Mission Heights school. They were split into both morning and afternoon visits.

The temple tour included showing the students various architecture and shrines, the courtyard, and teaching them about Buddhist etiquette and symbolism behind striking the gong and drum. The students paid homage to the Buddha inside the Main Shrine, rang the wishing bell and felt the unique reflective texture of the mondo grass.

Special calligraphy tables were set up for the students along the culture corridor for students to transcribe the words ¡°3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving¡± in Chinese. This is the first time for most of the students to try Chinese calligraphy, but instead of being rowdy they all transcribed attentively with the brush. After finishing their calligraphy under guidance, they expressed that while the process was hard it was still very enjoyable.

The students loved the ¡°Siddhartha in the Human World¡± exhibition, where they enjoyed the interactive activities such as learning about the 8 Appearances of the Buddha¡¯s birth until Enlightenment, visiting the 8 Buddhist Pilgrimage Sites, watching a short movie about the Buddha and 3G4G, bathe the Buddha, make light offerings and putting up a wishing card onto the wall. Some even managed to touch the ¡°white horse¡± that was ridden by Prince Siddhartha. The whole section involved a lot of joy and laughter.

Officers Piho Tauiti and Fu came to help on behalf of the Manukau Police by demonstrating 3G4G to the student by performing live skitz. Then Venerable Zhiming instructed the students to practice silent sitting meditation while listening to the sound of flowing water and contemplating, to experience the Dharma joy from within.

Teachers representative Rajesh Joshi expressed that 99.99% of the parents supported this outing to ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡± This is because of all the positive things everyone has heard about the temple and that this festival teaches students the heart-warming ideals and methods of 3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving.

Another teacher called Sonia Lovemore felted that this Culture Festival is a great way to get in touch with the local community. This is the first time many student has ever visited the temple, but as soon as they stepped inside they were awed by the tranquil atmosphere. She also felted that the ideals of 3G4G are easy to understand so the students will only speak it but can actually practice it in their daily lives.

This festival also included a ¡°3G4G Colouring competition¡± and ¡°3G4G Writing competition¡±. After all the entries have been marked by the Venerables, the winners shall be announced and awards presented on 27th May.

The 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  
The 4th ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±  
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