Temple Open Day  

Temple Open Day

Following the wake of ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±, a ¡°Temple Open Day¡± was held on 27th May. The day included ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing Prize Giving Ceremony¡±, Art Salon, Tea Meditation, ¡°Examination Blessing Ceremony for University Students¡±, ¡°Siddhartha in the Human World Exhibition¡±, ¡°One Stroke Calligraphy Exhibition by Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡±, Temple tours, Culture Stalls, Performances and vegetarian food stalls, it was a festive day indeed. The day¡¯s special guests included Dame Susan Devoy, Race Relations Commissioner; Rakesh Naidoo, Police Inspector and Advisor to Race Relations Commission; Police Senior Sergeant Mike Schmidt, and many teachers and students from Mission Heights, Panmure, and Ormiston school that have joined the ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±, and BLIA members.

The day started with a morning blessing ceremony for the volunteers, followed by lion dance, line dance and hand gestures performances from the youth. Other aforementioned activities also proceeded throughout the day, allowing all visitors to experience the temple¡¯s soothing and tranquil atmosphere.

During the Prize Giving Ceremony Steven Yu, President of BLIA North Island; Inspector Rakesh and Senior Sergeant Schmidt went on stage to speak about the previous Culture festival. They expressed that from the competition¡¯s entry articles it can be seen that the students have put 3 Good Deeds and 4 Kinds of Giving into their daily lives, such as helping with chores at home, making breakfast for mum, being polite to mum and dad, listening to their advice of not using computers too much, helping their fellow student who were being bullied etc. Since children are our future leaders, they should learn to take care of each other. If they can all practice 3G4G from their action, speech and thoughts they will also uphold the ideals of the police force, therefore planting good seeds for the nation¡¯s future peace.

English Teacher Rajesh Joshi from Mission Heights Primary thanked the temple for passing the ideals of 3G4G to her school, as follow up discussions between teachers and students about how to practice 3G4G has brought their relationships closer.

Venerable Abbess Manshin mentioned the 1400 ¡°3G4G wishing cards¡± fixed to the wishing tree. She said that we may have many wishes, plans and goals, but they will require the right causes and conditions to proceed. Hence everyone should start straight away by using 3G4G to apply right thoughts to right actions, therefore starting from the root of endeavours. The Abbess thanked teachers and parents for bringing these children to the temple, support from the police for their lessons to the children, and BLIA volunteers who made the event possible. The success of this event is the achievement from the coming together of all causes and conditions, so let¡¯s all share these good causes and conditions with everyone in society and country.

As an encouragement to all the youths attending upcoming university exams, a ¡°University Examination Blessing Ceremony¡± was held at 2:00pm. It was attended by over 30 youths who chanted the ¡°Heart Sutra¡± with the Abbess and recited ¡°Prayers and Wishes for Examination Attendees¡± by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. All that were present used their sincere heart to wish for a good result. Abbess reminded the youths that while exam is only but one time, but by putting in the best effort to study consistently prior are what¡¯s more valuable in life. She also reminded them that there will be many tests in life, which can forge our sense of sincere effort, calmness in front of challenges and being magnanimous. Finally she hoped everyone can face all of these tests with courage.

Temple Open Day  
Temple Open Day  
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