Students from Onehunga High School Visits the Temple  

Students from Onehunga High School Visits the Temple

On 23rd June 22 students and 3 teachers from Onehunga High School visited the temple. Even the day¡¯s shower could not dampen their enthusiasm and spirit.

After learning to make greetings with joined palms inside the Front Shrine, they proceeded to follow a temple tour where BLIA volunteer explained the story of Sakyamuni Buddha, and symbolism of the gong and the bell, which included a demonstration from a volunteer, eliciting many joy from the students. Then they visited the ¡°Siddhartha in the Human World Exhibition¡± to make light offerings, retrace the 7 lotus steps made by Prince Siddhartha after he was born, and made a wish with by sticking their wishing card on a wishing tree.

Inside the Main Shrine learned Tai Chi with Venerable Miaoyu, where they experienced controlled breathing along with movement, thereby experience working of Chi inside one¡¯s body.

After enjoying a delicious lunch they followed a different Venerable Miaoyu to practice walking meditation in the courtyard, and then contemplative sitting meditation along the Pagoda¡¯s pathway. While sitting the students experience a feeling of oneness with nature by coming back into the tranquillity of their own mind, while being amongst the sound of wind, bells and chirping of birds.

Many students expressed this is their first visit to the temple and experiencing the culture of Humanistic Buddhism, and also they felt the warmth of BLIA member¡¯s hospitality. The teachers also expressed the preciousness of this opportunity to visit. They were also amazed at that the usual hyperactive students can actually settle down to listen to the explanation by BLIA members. They were also impressed by the magnificence of the temple architectures, the art gallery¡¯s beautiful pieces, and the warmth exuded by BLIA members, all this made this a enriching trip.

Students from Onehunga High School Visits the Temple  
Students from Onehunga High School Visits the Temple  
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