BLIA Members Invited to Superintendent Wallace Haumaha¡¯s Inauguration Ceremony  

BLIA Members Invited to Superintendent Wallace Haumaha¡¯s Inauguration Ceremony

Police Superintendent Wallace Haumaha¡¯s Inauguration ceremony for a promotion to the rank of Assistant Commissioner was held on 24th June, Queen¡¯s Birthday. Venerable Abbess Manshin and 12 members representing Fo Guang Shan New Zealand were invited to the ceremony. On the day other special guests included Commissioner Mike Bush, Roturoa Mayor Steve Chadwick, Head of New Zealand First Party Winston Peter, and other representatives of New Zealand, Iwis, and other ethnic organisations of New Zealand, altogether 300 people in attendance.

The ceremony commenced with Commissioner Bush leading everyone present to welcome Superintendent Haumaha alongside Kapa Haka performances. Then Maori Elder Waiteti Marae praised Superintendent by recount all the past successful cooperation between the police and the Maori community. Elder Canon-Major Darren O¡¯ Callaghan also expressed in the past there were often mistrust between the police and Maori community. But Wallace Haumaha fearlessly became a bridge between the Maori community and the police, insofar as to encourage more Maoris to become police officers themselves. Now he is a prominent figure within the police force, who has also raised many good suggestions to garner great trust with the community.

Commissioner Bush expressed that he felted honoured to have received the Maori Powhiri ceremony during the past celebration events, and that all Iwi leaders should feel proud to be a part of this event. He announced that the two major events being celebrated today is the promotion of Superintendent Haumaha, which will surely bring much prestige to his heritage. He praised the Superintendent to be a man of honour and integrity, whom have contributed much to society and improved the scope of his team. Even though he is stationed in Wellington he never forgot to support the local community where he was once from. The second thing to celebrate is New Zealand¡¯s reputation of being a safe country and its cooperation with the local Maoris, which will surely bring many merits in the future.

Rotorua Mayor Steve Chadwick thanked Superintendent Wallace for his leadership and everyone¡¯s support toward bringing multiculturalism to the community. This diversity can be clearly gauged when compared to New Zealand 17 years ago. He hopes Wallace will continue to shine at his new position.

Roturoa MP Charles Stuart expressed that compared to 20 years ago, the current station of multiculturalism would not have been possible without the changes implemented by these 2 brave members inside the Police Force.

New Zealand Maori Leader Dame Iritana expressed that Superintendent Wallace have raised many good suggestions for the community and his police work not only benefitted local communities but the whole nation. Even though relationship between the police and the Pacific community haven¡¯t always been the best, but the Superintendent managed to actually recruit many of them into the force.

New Zealand Muslim Representative Dr Anwar Ghani reminisced the sincerity expressed by Superintendent Wallace when he promoted multiculturalism, and he also signed proposals of cooperation with the New Zealand Muslim community and carried these proposals into action. He is proud of Superintendent¡¯s achievements and is confident that he and Commissioner Bush will create a peaceful and harmonious country.

The Inauguration ceremony was therefore concluded under an atmosphere of praise and congratulations.

BLIA Members Invited to Superintendent Wallace Haumaha¡¯s Inauguration Ceremony  
BLIA Members Invited to Superintendent Wallace Haumaha¡¯s Inauguration Ceremony  
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