Human Right Commission Holds Meeting at the Temple  

Human Right Commission Holds Meeting at the Temple

On 30th June, 12 members of the Human Rights Commission held at an annual strategic meeting at the temple. The meeting included David Rutherford, Human Rights Chief Commissioner; Dr Jackie Blue, Equal Employment Opportunities Commissioner; and Paul Gibson, Disability Rights Commissioner. They were welcomed by Venerable Abbess Manshin, Venerables and BLIA members. The Abbess introduced the Commission Members the temple¡¯s functions and cooperation with the local community, such as giving out over 20000 copies of ¡°366 Day¡¯s with Wisdom¡± by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to many motels, hotels, hospitals and restaurants throughout the country over a 2 year period, and copies of the book were also given to the guests as presents. She also mentioned the various Dharma Functions at the temple were held to fulfil the spiritual needs of the devotees, hence everyone at the meeting today are welcomed to visit the temple again with their friends and families.

Commissioner Chief Rutherford expressed this is the first visit for many members, and the temple¡¯s positive energy can be felt right away. The tranquillity of the architecture and gardens has also left deep impressions with everyone. During the meeting many good ideas and policies were drafted from collective discussions and many difficult issues received unanimous agreement. Finally the Commission members thanked the temple for its hospitality, whether the delicious catering and meticulous venue preparation, which yielded many positive results for the meeting.

Human Right Commission Holds Meeting at the Temple  
Human Right Commission Holds Meeting at the Temple  
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