New Zealand Artist Jinho Jeong Exhibits Ceramic Art at the Temple  

New Zealand Artist Jinho Jeong Exhibits Ceramic Art at the Temple

The Opening Ceremony for young Korean Artist Jinho Jeong¡¯s ceramic pottery and acrylic painting exhibition was held at the temple on 23rd July. The day¡¯s guests included Venerable Abbess Manshin, BLIA North Island Head Advisor Dolly Tsai, President Stephen Yu, BLIA sub-chapter leaders and members, art gallery volunteers, friends of the art gallery, local artists, and Jinho¡¯s studio assistances, altogether over 250 people in attendance.

The Gallery Curator Venerable Abbess Manshin expressed that Jinho¡¯s works have left deep impressions in her, and she also joked that he is fortunate to exhibit these pieces at the North Island gallery as these fragile pieces could meet another earthquake at the Christchurch temple gallery. She also promoted the Jinho¡¯s introductory video to the audiences, exhibiting the artist¡¯s passionate creativity. This has obviously moved the audiences as even before the official opening ceremony 7 pieces have already been bought. The Abbess also introduced two upcoming exhibitions in August, which are oil paintings by Li Zijiang and wood sculptures by Paul Dean.

Head Advisor Dolly Tsai expressed that: ¡°My first reaction after seeing these pieces is that they look like Mongolian tents.¡± The artist has created works that are outside the frame work of traditional tea pot design, which brought creativity, innovation and spirit of creativity to the artistry. On behalf of BLIA, Dolly also encouraged everyone to bring their friends and family to come and view the artist¡¯s work.

Jinho thanked the temple and Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery for making this a ¡°Dream Exhibition¡± and he is overjoyed at the number of audiences for the opening ceremony. He introduced his tea pots as being made out of Korean clay, and differences in the tea pot¡¯s shape, lid, base and different painted patterns were all used to express different qualities. Where horizontal lines represent stability, vertical lines represent tension, red represent courage, blue represent tranquillity and freshness, green represent the peace and youth, yellow represent happiness and hope. He hopes these tea pot can bring joy to the audiences.

Wood sculptor Jacqui Johnson expressed she was impressed by the respect and warm reception given to the artist as he entered the venue. This kind of respect, attentiveness and lack of chattering and talking on cell phone is a rare sight among many previous opening ceremonies she has been to.

This exhibition will be held from 23rd July to 20th August.

New Zealand Artist Jinho Jeong Exhibits Ceramic Art at the Temple  
New Zealand Artist Jinho Jeong Exhibits Ceramic Art at the Temple  
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