Closing Ceremony for ANZBYC 2017  

Closing Ceremony for ANZBYC 2017

Last day of ANZBYC 2017 was held on 7th August. The final day¡¯s meeting was attended by Venerable Abbess Manshin of New Zealand, Venerable Abbess Jueshan of Australian Zhong Tian Temple, and 40 members of YAD inside the Tathagata Shrine. During the meeting they discussed multiple agendas including:
1. Participating in activities organised by Nan Tien Institute¡¯s research department
2. Establish ANZBYC Counselling Committee, with senior YAD members as advisors and a representative from each city.
3. Establish a Facebook page managed by a specified person. Members are to publish one article per week, which will become guiding texts for next generation of YADs.
4. Discussion on how to use the passing down of ANZBYC waist bands to represent the process passing down the lineage.
5. Using ¡°Stars and Clouds¡± as the theme song for ANZBYC

Afterwards the Closing Ceremony was attended by Police Superintendent Al Stewarts, Artist Keith Morant, Artist Justine, Dolly Tsai, Vice-President of Australasia BLIA; BLIA Advisor Zhang Lishi, North Island BLIA President Stephen Yu, South Island BLIA President Li Sixian, South Island BLIA Vice-President Guo Mingyuan, and other BLIA members.

The Abbess expressed that this year¡¯s ANZBYC can be a model for how to hold future ANZBYC events, and reiterated this year¡¯s main theme of ¡°Consensus and Openness¡± and hope everyone can apply this ideal to their daily lives and to spread it far and wide. She also wishes the participants can be inspired to not forge their initial aspirations after attending this year¡¯s ANZBYC.

Superintendent Stewarts expressed that modern media mostly report negative events, but at this Australian and New Zealand Fo Guang youth event all he felt was peace and harmony, that it is not an easy to spread this spirit to the wider community. He recognised that BLIA have played an important role in supporting multiculturalism, diversity, oneness, peace and harmony in New Zealand. Finally the Superintendent expressed that as long as we have ¡°faith¡± then we can make changes. Then Keith Morant recounted how he was delivered from the darkest moment in his life by encountering Buddhism. He expressed that even though he did not have the opportunity to attend the workshops during this event, he still felt the sincerity, joy and successful of the whole thing, and it touched his heart.

This was followed by a speech from Head Advisor Dolly Tsai. She mentioned that the future of ANZBYC is about seeking knowledge and propagating Humanistic Buddhism. She believes the united effort of youths from Australasia will surely bring prestige to Humanistic Buddhism across the 5 continents. Advisor Zhan Lishi also expressed that she is fortunate to be able to join this 20th anniversary of ANZBYC during the last minute. She also encouraged the youths to often return to the temple to find themselves and recharge their energy.

President Stephen Yu welcomes more youths to join BLIA or YAD, to help the temple with the mission of propagating Humanistic Buddhism. YAD Chairperson Zhang Dong thanked all the help from the temple and the masses for making this year¡¯s ANZBYC possible. He also encouraged YAD members to make good use of all the learning and resources from ANZBYC to continue this event in the future.

During the closing ceremony the Abbess prizes to 3 members that have joined ANZBYC since its inception, which were Liu Zongshi, Yang Xiangren and Weng Ziyu. Lastly, Western Australia YAD Chairperson Patrick Ong and member Zheng Shuling accepted next year¡¯s host privileges for 2018.

The 4 days 3 nights ANZBYC completed under the singing of ¡°Stars and Clouds¡±. This year is the year where YAD members re-discovering their passion, joy, motivation and sense of being touched since 20 years ago. Through sharing sessions with the Abbess and Venerables they hope to maintain the spirit of ¡°Consensus and Openness¡±, in order to make a mark in history for Humanistic Buddhism in Australasia.

Closing Ceremony for ANZBYC 2017  
Closing Ceremony for ANZBYC 2017  
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