Ullambana Sangha¡¯s Day Ceremony  

Ullambana Sangha¡¯s Day Ceremony

The annual Ullambana Sangha¡¯s Day Ceremony was held on 3rd September. It is also the year of the 10th year anniversary of the establishment of the temple. The event was attended by over 300 BLIA members, who made offerings to the Buddha while 32 Directors and Committee Members lined up to usher Venerable Abbess Manshin and Venerables into the Main Shrine. Then the congregation followed the Venerables to recite the ¡°Ullambana Sutra¡±.

The ceremony started with the showing of a film documenting the history of Fo Guang Shan¡¯s establishment by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Due to the leadership of this temple¡¯s Venerables, the devotees are able to cultivate this land with Humanistic Buddhism with Great Spirit and to show real achievements from team efforts.

BLIA North Island Head Advisor Dolly Tsai thanked the temple and the Venerables for propagating Humanistic Buddhism. A decade since the consecration of this temple, the Venerables have led everyone to understand the importance of ¡°Three Good Deeds and Four Kinds of Giving¡±. These kind of wholesome Dharma can guide our lives, and become provisions for our path to Buddhahood in the form of Bodhi through vows and Bodhi through action. We are often taught by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to turn delusion into awakening; hence the practical universal values of Humanistic Buddhism are what is wholesome, beautiful, and purifying. Practicing it allow us to be able to self-reflect our inadequacies and ignorance. Then we can cultivate wisdom and affinities to become a guiding light for others. So we should be confident that BLIA New Zealand will have a bright and worthwhile future under the guidance of the Venerables.

Then BLIA North Island President Steven Yu came on stage to praise the 10 years of rich history of Fo Guang Shan and to thank Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s tireless efforts. He quoted the Venerable Master¡¯s slogan of ¡°Propagate the Dharma by venturing out¡± hence over a decade not only have the Venerables led the devotees to ¡°venturing out¡±, many people have also joined the team by ¡°coming in¡±. He also thanked Venerable Hsing Yun for making the existence of this spiritual and virtuous temple possible, so people gather here to cultivate in fellowship under a good environment, which makes this venue a nurturing place for compassion and wisdom. Finally Steve expressed that: ¡°It¡¯s great having you all! I believe under the guidance of the Venerables our determination along the Bodhi Path will be more firm and unwavering!¡±

Like every year, this year the kitchen volunteers have once again prepared sumptuous and beautifully presented cuisines to be offered to the Venerables by Committee Members of the sub-chapters and YAD. During the performance, a member of Working YAD performed traditional Chinese Opera¡¯s ¡°Changing Face¡± act, and the other sub-chapters performed many passionate song and dance from the collection of ¡°Sound of the Human World¡±

Then the Abbess spoked: ¡°I can see everyone¡¯s spirit, joy, energy, and creativity through your performances during the day¡¯s offering ceremony. On screen we have witnessed Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s aspiration to propagate the Dharma, and it is a tremendous thing to witness that the New Zealand are following the Venerable Master¡¯s footsteps by spreading Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s joy and playfulness around the entire temple. It is hoped in the future this spirit can be spread throughout the entire nation. Through the decade Fo Guang Shan North Island have exhibit many of its unique features on propagation through culture, education and art.¡±

As written on the ¡°Buddha Speaks About Giving Sutra¡±, the Buddha has prescribed 37 kinds of giving. It is especially mentioned that by offering exquisite food and drink to the Triple Gem can yield the benefits of:
1. Having a magnificent appearance
2. Having abundant vitality
3. Having extended longevity
4. Having carefree happiness
5. Having eloquent speech

During today¡¯s ceremony everyone can make offerings through their action, speech and thoughts, which are through making performances with a compassionate, kind and giving heart. Today in New Zealand we must greatly give thanks to our teacher Sakyamuni Buddha for giving us wisdom. Our inspirational Venerable Master Hsing Yun have invigorated our spirit to walk the broad path. Our magnificent BLIA tirelessly protect and propagate the Dharma. Hence the Abbess once again thanked everyone for their support to the temple, and encouraged all to diligently and unitedly to continue the glory of Humanistic Buddhism in New Zealand.

Many of the audiences have commented that this year¡¯s ceremony have employed innovative format of interposing performances with footages from BLTV news report documenting the temple¡¯s achievement through education, culture, cultivation and working together with the art community, therefore exemplifying Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s harmonising effect locally.

Finally the day was concluded with a Alms Giving Ceremony in the courtyard, where devotees of all denominiations lined up in a U formation to make an offering into the Venerable¡¯s bowls, thereby planting fields of merits for their families.

Ullambana Sangha¡¯s Day Ceremony  
Ullambana Sangha¡¯s Day Ceremony  
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