BLIA North Island New Zealand AGM  

BLIA North Island New Zealand AGM

The 2017 BLIA North Island AGM was held on 10th September at the temple. It was by all 4 sub-chapters, YAD, Venerable Abbess Manshin and the Venerables. All sub-chapters reported their activities and achievements throughout the year.

This was followed by an AGM meeting with many upcoming agendas being discussed, including:
1. Fundraising Dinner for ¡°Hsing Yun Education Trust Fund¡± on 13th October. All revenues gathered from the dinner will be used to support the future development of Nan Tien Institute. The day¡¯s venue, decoration and promotion will be organised by the sub-chapters.
2. 2017 Cherry Blossom Festival on 25th November. The day¡¯s activities will include ¡°Baby Blessing Ceremony¡±, ¡°Cherry Blossom Pageant Competition for Little Prince and Little Princess¡±, Art Salon, Culture Stalls, Neighbourhood Celebration Ceremony, and Vegetarian food stalls.
3. Continue the promotion of ¡°366 Days with Wisdom¡± by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. This is the continuation of all the good work done since 2015, where over 20000 copies of the book were accepted by over 700 motels, hotels, hospitals, clinics, jails, libraries and schools, spanning over 25000 miles of New Zealand. Hence everyone is warmly invited to organise into different teams to continue this promotion.
4. 2018 Buddha¡¯s Birthday Multicultural Festival will be held between 7th-8th April 2018. The day will include Bathing of the Buddha Blessing Ceremony, Taking Refuge in the Triple Gem and Observing the Five Precepts Ceremony, Buddha¡¯s Birthday Special Exhibition, Baby¡¯s Blessing Ceremony, Multicultural Performances, Little Prince and Princess Beauty Pageant, Vegetarian Food Stalls, Culture Stalls, and Community Stalls.
5. ¡°BLIA One Day Seminar¡± will be regularly held in 2018 where everyone can listen to lectures from the Venerables to improve everyone¡¯s spiritual discipline and strengthen team spirit. Hope all Chairs and Committee members can encourage everyone to attend.
6. The third Buddhism exam will be held on 15th July 2018, in order to encourage everyone¡¯s diligence in studying to improve their levels of cultivation by settling the mind and purify society. There will be 5 teams, A, B, C, English and children¡¯s teams.

Then BLIA North Island President Steven Yu praised everyone for doing their utmost for every event. Including ¡°3G4G Festival of Culture Sharing¡±, held over 4 years attracting over 5000 students, the mass delivery of ¡°366 Days with Wisdom¡±. He also praised all the sub-chapters for all their great effort and activities reported over the year.
Head Advisor Dolly Tsai also thanked everyone for their considerate efforts exemplified from everything that is reported today. She also thanked the Abbess and Venerables for leading everyone through an united effort throughout the recent three years to obtain these achievements.

This was proceeded by the re-assignment of the 25 BLIA Directors, including Steve Yu continuing as the President, Wang Yumei, Huang Boqiang and Lesley as Vice-Presidents.

Finally the Abbess expressed that everyone finally appears to be much more confident and competent after all these years of hard work. She also thanked everyone for their tireless efforts throughout the years for propagating Humanistic Buddhism, which have brought much hope and bright foreseeable future for everyone and for Buddhism. Because we have everyone¡¯s cooperation to broadcast widely Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s spirit of ¡°Consensus and Openness¡±, this will surely bring the ideals of 3G4G to everyone therefore universally benefiting all.

BLIA North Island New Zealand AGM  
BLIA North Island New Zealand AGM  
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