※Contemplation/Deliberation§ 每 Art Exhibition Closing Ceremony  

※Contemplation/Deliberation§ 每 Art Exhibition Closing Ceremony

The closing ceremony for Paul Dean*s ※Contemplation/Deliberation§ was held on 21st October. The ceremony was attended by over a hundred audiences including Curator Venerable Abbess Manshin, BLIA New Zealand Head Advisor Dolly Tsai, and other special guests. The ceremony included the showing of a documentary about the artist and his exhibition, and questions and answers with the artist.

Paul Deans thanked the Abbess for giving him the opportunity to exhibit his sculptures at the tranquil venue of Fo Guang Shan North Island. He also thanked Venerable Juexi, Curator of Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery 2 for all her help with dealing with the administration, planning and many other aspects of the exhibition.

He expressed that sculpting differs to painting in that the work requires working with the material from a 360 degrees perspective and being inspired and challenged by the natural shape of the wood itself, and the final shape will constantly change throughout the sculpting process, which will eventuate into a surprise final form. Paul also hopes his ※Art will make people think§ and followed up by introducing some of his pieces to the audiences.

The artist*s wife Kate shared that even though Paul is usually a man of few words, but today he was especially detailed with his narrations. She humorously explained that this is probably because his hidden potentials were uncovered from constant influences from Venerable Abbess Manshin. She also hoped everyone can feel the energies of the exhibited pieces.

The Abbess expressed that Venerable Master Hsing Yun has once said ※Not knowing has its joys§. She thanked Paul for entrusting his collection with Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery 1 while going on his trip, where all the artist*s muse were expressed through his work. Likewise the temple itself are works of art, and it is hoped everyone obtain some positive energy to better themselves from this venue. The temple is not just a place of incense and homage, it is even more of place where one can serve others, self-improve, obtain confidence and joy, only then can you give these wonderful sentiments to others.

Head Advisor Dolly Tsai talked about the many exhibitions that was held at the art gallery and especially praised this current works from Paul. She praised how the artist*s carvings can converse with the audiences by giving life to wood. She felt that the piece ※Abundance§ expressed both ※giving§ and ※receiving§, which leaves plenty of food for thought. Finally she thanked Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery*s efforts toward improving BLIA*s appreciation for art.

※Contemplation/Deliberation§ 每 Art Exhibition Closing Ceremony  
※Contemplation/Deliberation§ 每 Art Exhibition Closing Ceremony  
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