Volunteer¡¯s Recognition and Appreciation Dinner  

Volunteer¡¯s Recognition and Appreciation Dinner

The ¡°Volunteer¡¯s Recognition and Appreciation Dinner¡± was held at the temple on 12th November. It was attended by over 155 long term volunteers who serve at various positions around the temple. The evening¡¯s celebration started with the chanting of Sutra and offering of blessings with Venerable Abbess Manshin and the Venerables. Then everyone enjoyed sumptuous vegetarian meals while listening to Fo Guang Shan¡¯s music from the album ¡°harmony¡±. Books from Venerable Master Hsing Yun were also given to the participants.

The Abbess praised and thanked all the volunteers for their long term contributions to all corners of the temple, which is using faith and dedication toward the Way to build a harmonious venue and to serve others. The Abbess also encouraged everyone to serve according to the 4 ideals of Venerable Master Hsing Yun:
1. Having faith is having strength
2. Having a goal is having motivation
3. Having will power is having determination
4. Having strength of vows is having success

As long as we have others in our hearts then we will live more enriched lives.

The event was hosted by new Head Advisor Jennifer Liang and Director Ronald Li. BLIA North Island President Steven Yu, and representative of 14 departments including various Shrines, tea house, gift shop, kitchen, office, and YAD etc also went up to speak about their experiences. The members expressed they want to actualise Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s ideals of Three Good Deeds and Four Kinds of Giving, by putting the temple before themselves. Then they are able to joyfully give and serve others. Everyone thanked the temple for providing them the opportunity to shine and show what they¡¯ve got.

The Venerables also stepped up to describe the contents of their departments. They also prayed in the future they can strive harder to propagate Humanistic Buddhism and to leave their mark in history. The evening finished with everyone singing together songs such as ¡°Love our youth¡±, ¡°Flying high¡±, ¡°Blessed by the Buddha¡±, ¡°Mountain Dance¡±, ¡°My home is at Fo Guang Shan¡± and ¡°BLIA members at all four seas¡±.

Volunteer¡¯s Recognition and Appreciation Dinner  
Volunteer¡¯s Recognition and Appreciation Dinner  
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