2017 Cherry Blossom Festival  

2017 Cherry Blossom Festival

This year¡¯s annual ¡°Cherry Blossom Festival¡± was held on 25th November, attracting over 6000 visitors.

The day¡¯s activities included Baby¡¯s Blessing, Little Prince and Princess Beauty Pageant, Art Saloon, Giving out Free Copies of Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s ¡°366 Days With Wisdom¡±, Tea Meditation, Temple Tour, Selling of Wind Chimes, NZ Police Recruiting Booth, vegetarian food stalls, and a Lion Dance Performance from YADs. The visitors literally filled the culture corridor. The tea meditation was especially enjoyed by the visitors as they managed to experience the purification and settlement of the mind among the fragrance of flower and tea.

Opening ceremony for the Art Salon was attended by Venerable Abbess Manshin, Local Botany MP Jami-Lee Ross, Howick Counsellor Adele White, Mission Height College Principal Ian Morrison, and local artists, altogether 27 people in attendance. The Abbess explained that this art saloon have started since March and participated by over 25 local artists. She also expressed that this is an amalgamation between Buddhism and art, where in fact every part of the temple is in itself an art gallery. Jami Lee Ross, Principal Ian Morrison, Pallet Arties (President of the Oil Painting Association), Artist Jennifer Peryer, Photographer Rudy Heyman and fellow artists all shared words to thank the temple for providing the serene atmosphere and profound presence of a Buddhist temple as a stage for local art to shine. They also expressed that school, the temple and the local community all wish to be united and cooperative. They were also touched by Humanistic Buddhism¡¯s promotion of art to the community to benefit everyone.

The current exhibition at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery 1 is ¡°One Stroke Calligraphy by Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡±, in Gallery 2 is ¡°Humanity and Love Oil Painting Exhibition by Lee zejian¡±, in Guang Ming Hall it is ¡°Local art for Art Saloon¡±, and in Prajna Hall it is ¡°A Moment in Time Local Oil Painting Exhibition¡±. Together the exhibitions included wooden sculture, copper sculture, sketching, glass sculpture, craft, pottery, ink painting, oil painting, photography and many other mediums. Overall it attracted over 5000 audiences.

2017 Cherry Blossom Festival  
2017 Cherry Blossom Festival  
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