2018 New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage  

2018 New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage

This year¡¯s annual New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage was held on 1st January 2018 at 6am. It was attended by over 300 devotees, who proceeded to make three steps and one prostration while chanting the Buddha¡¯s name. This is a fitting way to welcome the New Year and to usher in a wise age of brightness and good health through the action of paying homage.

After breakfast the devotees gathered in Guang Ming Hall to transcribe sutras, where they enjoyed the pleasure of Dharma joy and meditative concentration through focusing on the present moment of transcription. Since this New Year¡¯s Day also marks the 15th of the Chinese Lunar Month the temple especially organised a ¡°Light Offering Blessing Ceremony¡±, allowing the masses to offer the New Year¡¯s first light to ignite one¡¯s compassion, wisdom and enrichment to life.

¡°Faith is spiritual strength and support, which gives life brightness and vitality.¡± Venerable Abbess Manshin started her Dharma talk with this quote to praise everyone¡¯s participation in this New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage, which exemplified everyone¡¯s devout faith and support to Dharma propagation. The Abbess also talked about this year¡¯s couplet by Venerable Master Hsing Yun called ¡°A family legacy of loyalty and honour¡± to bless this Year of the Dog. She reminded everyone to be loyal to their superiors and honourable to their subordinates. Loyalty and honour are the core values of the Chinese people, and it is wished that everyone can be filled with these virtues, starting from every individual family to the whole society.

This New Year¡¯s day attracted over 2000 visitors, beside incense offering and the tea house, the culture corridor is filled with food stalls, filling the venue with New Year¡¯s festivity.

2018 New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage  
2018 New Year¡¯s Day Pilgrimage  
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