Activities of Buddhist YAD New Zealand

2007.07.28“Geneva International Buddhist Youth Conference”

President of YAD South Island Hiking Liu, representative from YAD North Island Belle Wong and others attended the 2007 Geneva International Buddhist Youth Conference. In the meeting they referred to the outcome of the “Australia New Zealand Buddhsit Youth Conference” Also shouldering with Sydney YAD one of the proposals; “Strengthening Buddhist Youth Group.” This would bring Australia and New Zealand Buddhist YAD onto the international stage and also help the development of the YAD.

2007.07.06 The 11th“Australia New Zealand Buddhist Youth Conference”

“Australia New Zealand Buddhist Youth Conference” (ANZBYC 2007) was undertaken by International Buddhist Trust (North Island) and its Youth Group. It was held in the Fo Guang Shan Temple in the North Island and lasted 4 days from 6th July, with the subject “Enlightenment with Compassion”. More than 120 young people from Oceania attended. Chairman of Botany District Mr Roy Bootle also attended the opening ceremony.

The courses were made by Venerable Abbess Manshin – “The thoughts of a Bodhisattva”, New Zealand National Party MP Pansy Wong – “The Responsibility of Contemporary Young People”, New Zealand well known lawyer, Mr Len Brown – “Rebelled Youth”, “The Compassinate Concept of Buddhism”, “New Zealand Maori Culture”, “Times with Abbess” and “Endless dinner” etc. Venerable Abbess Manshin prayed for all participants at “Endless Night”, and given the precious Buddhist necklace which has the meaning of “enlightenment with Compassion, Passing the light to the Youth”, hope the young generation would hand on the Buddhist light with their passion.

The next host for this conference will be at South Island. The President, Hiking Liu from South Island had encouraged 20 YAD to join to this conference and donated 1000 Dollars collected from car-washing to Linda, the President of the YAD North Island. During the closing ceremony on the 9th, the organizing committee presented a short film, in which the President of YAD North Island Linda Chiang, passed the sponsorship to Hiking Liu, the leader of the YAD South Island, in a similar way to passing the Olympic flame. This gained wild applause from all ANZBYC participants and everyone looking forward for 2008 ANZBYC.

2007.01.14“Children’s Happy Camp”

“Buddhist Children’s Happy Camp 2007” was firstly organized by the International Buddhist Trust of New Zealand, North Island. It was undertaken by the Youth Group of the Auckland, assisted by the Chinese School. 40 children aged from 5 to 12 were led by the leader of the YAD, North Island, Stanley Chow and the other ten co-leaders, understanding and practicing the co-operative spirit of the Happy Camp– “Speaking politely, doing good things with a kind heart.” It was aimed at improving children’s awareness of teamwork and comprehending the beauty of the soul by harmonizing motion and rest.

Venerable Abbess Manshin wishes children to study well and grow up happily. “Best Team”, “The Most Polite One” and “The Most Popular One” received special awards.