27th May 2007 New Zealand Member of Parliament

Ms Nicky Wagner, Member of Parliament of the New Zealand Government, visits the South Island Fo Guang Shan and was met by Venerable J Hao and President Almeric Cheng. Nicky said that the natural and beautiful design of the building is not only a Buddhist temple but a art that will can be appreciated. It also expressed the vitality of life through the activities of the Young Adult Division.

15th March 2007 Police Officers

Canterbury Police District Asian Liaison Office Rakesh Naidoo brought the Inspector David Lawry, the South Canterbury district commander, and 4 others senior officers to visit the temple. Venerable J Hao and President Almeric Cheng explain to them the history of our organisation and the special design of the new temple.

7th March 2007 Architects

Over 20 architects from Warren and Mahoney, the designer of South Island Fo Guang Shan, led by Ian Bisman visit the temple and was met by Abbess Man Shin and Venerable J Hao. The architects acclaimed the design is representative and creative and is an excellent representation of Warren and Mahoney design of recent years.

7th March 2007 City Council Metropolitan Community Adviser

Jenni Marr, Metropolitan Community Adviser - Multicultural Community Support Unit of Christchurch City visited the South Island Fo Guang Shan and discussed with Abbess Man Shin, venerable J Hao, President Almeric Cheng about the co-operations between the City Council and Buddha’s Light International Association in benefiting the local community and protecting the local environment.

29th January 2007 Famous Painter

Mr Clark Esplin, a famous New Zealand Artist visit South Island Fo Guang Shan and was met by Abbes Man Shin, Venerable J Hao and President Almeric Cheng of Buddha’s Light International Association. Clark praised our Venerable Master great idea s of fostering talent through education and purify human mind through Buddhist practice.

24th October 2006 Venerable Hui Chuan

Fo Guang Shan Supervises Chief and President of the Young Adult Division of Buddha’s Light international Association Venerable Hui Chuan arrived in Christchurch with Abbess Man Shin of South Island Fo Guang Shan and Ms Dominique Cheung President of Melbourne Buddha’s Light International Association to visit the construction site of South Island Fo Guang Shan.

13th July 2006 Writer Fu Zhiying

Miss Fu Zhiying, accompanied by the North Island Fo Guang Shan Temple Supervisor Venerable Man Wang arrived at Christchurch from Auckland to visit the new South Island temple site. They were met by the South Island temple Supervisor Venerable J Hao, President Almeric Cheng, Supervisor John Lai of the South Island Buddha’s Light International Association and architect Anders Chong.