22nd July 2007 Three hour Memorial Service

South Island Fo Guang Shan organised the first “Three hour Memorial Service” which was presided the Abbess Venerable Man Shin, following the completion of the new temple and before the official ceremony so that we can offer the good merits to all sentient beings in the dharma world and let them be received by the Buddha in the Pure Land. More than 100 people attended the service on those winter day including the President, executives and members of Buddha’s Light International Association and the Young Adult Division.

23rd to 24th June 2007 Eight Precepts Retreat

On the 23rd and 24th of June 2007, Fo Guang Shan organised the first ever Eight Precepts Retreat since its establishment 15 years ago. 45 people participated to experience the monastery life including President Almeric Cheng and Vice President Mei Hwa Chen of the South Island Buddha’s Light International Association and members of the Young Adult Division. The Young Adult Division members spent a cold but memorable night in the temple as temperature dropped below zero degree during the night.

Other than normal repentance service, chanting sutras and formal temple lunch, special lecture on “Discover the Treasure from inner heart” and “Appreciating life and death” was delivered by the Abbess and Dharma Master to enhance the participants’ religious knowledge and to provide a correct view to the participants on death.