Social Education

6th March 2007 Intense Buddhist Studies

South Island Fo Guang Shan organised an Intense Buddhist Studies during the evenings of 6th to 9th March 2007, 30 members learn to understand the Buddhist philosophy under the close guidance of Abbess Man Shin with focus on the humanistic nature of Buddhism. They all learnt that as a member of Buddha’s Light International Association, they not only need to have proper understanding of Dharma but also need to practice to promote the belief level.

3rd March 2007 Youth English Buddhist Studies

The Young Adult Division of South Island Buddha’s Light International Association organised the “2007 Youth English Buddhist Studies” with attendance of 12 members. Abbess Man Shin used our Venerable Master’s Book “Lotus in the Stream” as the teaching material to explain the energetic connotations and characteristics of the Four Bodhisattvas; the similarities and differences between the Northern and Southern schools of Buddhism.

24th March and 24th June 2006

Over 60 Buddha’s Light International Association members including Supervisor John Lai, President Almeric Cheng, Vice President Mei Hwa Chen attended the first and second Devotees Seminars of 2006. The curriculum included Abbes Man Shin’s “Blue Print of Humanistic Buddhism”, “The Northern and Southern Scholl of Buddhism” and “ The Ideas and Spirits of Humanistic Buddhism”; Venerable Man Wang’s “Understanding the Buddha’s Light International Association”; cultivating together service and procedures of formal temple lunch. The South Island Young Adult Division led by President Hiking Lau also helped to serve the lunch other than attending the lectures.

28th May 2005 2 days Meditation Retreat

Over 30 people participated in the “2 days meditation retreat” organised by the South Island Fo Guang Shan for the first time since 1993. The retreat was led by Venerable Man Wang from North Island.