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Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s One Stroke Calligraphy

¡°Everyone is a Buddha!¡± said Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Putting aside the question of ¡°who is actually a buddha?¡± it can at least be said that Venerable Master Hsing Yun is a bodhisattva who never tires. Turning 83 years old this year, he has faced 40 years of diabetes that led to a serious eye condition, along with retinal detachment. With unclear visions in both eyes, he can barely see. Despite having to write calligraphy with shaking hands, he still is able to let his heart guide his hands in completing the extremely rare ¡°one-stroke calligraphy.¡±

¡°One-stroke calligraphy¡± means that every piece of calligraphy written by Venerable Master is done in one stroke. No discontinuation is allowed from beginning to end, as any discontinuation will make it difficult to continue to the next character, because his vision does not allow him to distinguish the distance between each character. For this reason, he is forced to complete the whole work in one stroke.

Under such difficult circumstances, Venerable Master still makes efforts to keep his brush moving between ink and paper. Especially in 2008, he donated all thirty million NT dollars from the royalty he had received for the books he had written to establish a Venerable Master Hsing Yun Public Education Fund, entrusting the bank to organize different public welfare activities to benefit society.

So far, Venerable Master Hsing Yun Public Education Trust Fund has already funded many ongoing recognition programs such as the ¡°Power Teacher¡¯s Award¡± to recognise the outstanding efforts of teachers and ¡°Hsing Yun¡¯s Award for Contribution to True, Beautiful and Good News¡±, as well as major undertakings such as the ¡°Three Good Deeds¡± movement, the ¡°Three Good Deeds Schools¡± and the ¡°Three Good Deeds Families¡± movement. What are the Three Good Deeds? ¡°Saying Good Words¡± is Truth, ¡°Doing Good Things¡± is Good, and ¡°Having Good Thoughts¡± is Beautiful. As long as there are people who are committed to promoting the ¡°Three Good Deeds¡±, then Venerable Master is willing to help fund their efforts.

Up until now, this trust fund has received the support of devotees and to date has raised almost 100 million NT dollars. However, Venerable Master¡¯s boundless vow stretches far beyond the said achievements, and now hopes to raise one billion NT dollars to help ensure the continuation of social welfare service activities. Once again, he exhibits his amazing willpower to keep writing day and night, completing over ten thousand calligraphy pieces within one year. Calligraphy charity fundraisers have been taken place in Taiwan, USA, Europe, Hong Kong, China, Australia, New Zealand and many other countries. All proceeds will go to the public benefit trust fund to support social welfare service undertakings; promote the ¡°Three Good Deeds¡± and ¡°Four Givings¡± movements; and purify people¡¯s minds through spiritual cultivation activities. We wish for those who are interested in being part of this worthwhile cause to come forth.

Source of Clouds and Water Realising Humanistic Buddhism ¨C Venerable Master Hsing Yun

Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the founder of Fo Guang Shan Monastery, was born in Chiangxu province in China in 1927. Tonsured under Venerable Master Chih Kai at the age of twelve, he received his formal monastic training at Jin-shan, Chiao-shan and Chi-hsia Vinaya Colleges. In 1952, he established the Buddha Recitation group in Ilan and reinforced the foundation of Dharma propagation in Taiwan.

In 1967, Venerable Master founded Fo Guang Shan Monastery, with the principles of Humanistic Buddhism, steered Buddhism towards education, cultural, charity and religious practice, realising his ideals of ¡°Buddha¡¯s light shinning across the three thousand realms, Dharma water flowing through the five continents¡±.

Venerable Master has a good understanding of the contemporary society, and using simple methods, he was able to propagate Humanistic Buddhism, providing a guiding light to people around the world. Over the 50 years of Dharma propagation, Venerable Master has been internationally recognised and have received many praises for his work. He has also received many honorary doctorate degrees from various universities round the world and has been known as the first person to practice Humanistic Buddhism. In addition, he has also many outstanding achievements as follows:

• Establishing 16 Buddhism colleges, cultivating more than 1200 monastics, with the best quality and global-view sangha community in the history of Buddhism;

• Fo Guang Shan has 190 temples around the world, with more than 2 million devotees;

• Establishing three universities in Taiwan and the United States of America. In addition, Venerable Master also set up two colleges, two primary schools, four kindergartens and over fifty Chinese schools around the world.

• Publishing Buddhist canons, dictionary and simplifying sutras. Venerable Master also established a publishing house, libraries, television station, satellite television program BLTV, Merit Times Newspaper and nine art galleries;
• Delivering Humanistic Buddhism to all parts of the society through Buddhist hymns, arts, calligraphy and Buddhist songs;

• Conducting more than 4500 Buddhist lectures and Dharma talks internationally in the past 50 years, with more than 10 million audience.

Venerable Master is an all rounder religious practitioner who has dedicated his life to benefiting the society through having a good heart, doing good deeds and saying good words. His efforts in the propagating the Dharma have surpassed religion, international boundaries and time. Many have praised the Venerable Master to be:

A practicing religious revolutionary who is decisive;
A compassionate creator who has successfully disseminated Buddhist theories;
An educator who is loving and promotes knowledge.

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