2011.02.22 Christchurch Earthquake
A devastating and violent 6.3 magnitude earth-quake struck Christchurch at 12:51pm on 22 February 2011. Significant aftershocks were felt and buildings collapsed with people trapped inside. The iconic 150 year old Christchurch Cathedral had its spire reduced to rubble. As at 14 March, 166 lives have been lost with the final death toll expected to be 180. In response to this disaster, Fo Guang Shan South Island immediately established the ¡®Fo Guang Earthquake Relief Service Centre¡¯ which provided assistance to earthquake victims in 6 key areas:
1. Free hot meals from 10am to 6pm
2. Free basic medical supplies and cleaning items
3. Free internet for those needing to contact family and friends
4. Access to the Temple¡¯s Main Shrine for prayers
5. Establishment of donation funds to help victims
6. Buddhist blessing services
The Centre opened on 24 February in a bid to help victims recover faster from this enormous tragedy. BLIA Headquarters Secretary General Venerable Tzu Jung rendered her advice and conveyed her condolences. BLIA Oceania Deputy Secretary-General Venerable Yilai arrived in Christ-church from Australia on 1 March and was extremely anxious about the relief mission and a seminar was held on the same day with 50 BLIA volunteers sharing and providing updates on the progress of the centre¡¯s relief mission.
On 1 March 2011 at 12.51pm, BLIA members joined people around the nation to observe 2 minutes of silence to honour lives lost in the earthquake.
BLIA Oceania Deputy Secretary General Venerable Yilai visited the Relief Centre to lend her support and held a seminar for the relief team. Financial aid was also offered when The Young Adult Division of BLIA NZ donated NZ$100,000 to the Red Cross on behalf of International BLIA.

2009.11.20 More than Ten Years Anniversary of a Great Commitment-
Christchurch¡¯s Papanui Branch of the Red Cross Association held a morning tea for its volunteers on 20th November to thank them for helping with the ¡®Meals on Wheels¡¯ lunch delivery service. Representatives of Buddha¡¯s Light International Association South Island attended the recognition morning tea and joined 40 other volunteers in receiving the service awards. Red Cross Activities Coordinator Sam Morrison presented BLIA with a certificate in recognition of their ten or more years of service, and encouraged everyone to continue with their contribution and service.
Meals on Wheels is a part of New Zealand¡¯s non-profit Red Cross Service and provides home delivered meals for people living in the City of the Canterbury Local Government District. Recipients of the service include those who are frail and elderly or have a disability, or are care givers of these people. BLIA South Island joined the Meals on Wheels delivery service during September of 1997, delivering meals every Tuesday along the roads of the Riccarton and Papanui suburbs¡¯. Wearing the BLIA uniform, the committee members spend at least two hours each time to deliver the meals. Volunteers who have received reimbursements from Red Cross for transport have donated this money towards BLIA¡¯s Emergency Fund.

2009.09.19 Annual Charity Auction and Banquet Illuminates the Future-
On 19th September, Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island held a Charity Art Auction Banquet at Fo Guang Shan South Island. Over 100 guests attended the function, including the President of Christchurch Lion Club, Ing Ma and her husband, Korean Egg Art Artist Helena Kim, Buddha¡¯s Light International Association South Island Consultant Ron Wright, Advisor John Lai and President Almeric Cheng and wife, BLIA North Island President Dolly Tsai and collectible enthusiasts of the local Christchurch community. FGY Art Gallery South Island had the pleasure of having Christchurch renowned auctioneer Lindsay Welch host the Auction. 
As the host of the function, Venerable Abbess Manshin expressed her appreciation to all the guests who dug deep for the worthwhile cause. She said that the FGY Art Gallery and FGS South Island are Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s gift to the local community. In a heaven-like country of New Zealand, the Abbess hopes to serve the community with prestigious artworks and culture, to achieve the aim of integrating Buddhism into arts.
This Charity Auction included over 20 masterpieces and almost 50 works of art. Auction items were composed of art collectibles donated by generous devotees and some from the Temple¡¯s art collection accumulated over the years. To support the Annual Charity Auction and Banquet, Artist Helena Kim specially donated her newest and favorite egg art piece ¡®Orpheus and Eurydice¡¯ to the Temple for the Auction, in response to FGY Art Gallery South Island¡¯s promotion of cultural art.
The three-hour long auction, with Mr. Welch¡¯s humor and lively presentation, didn¡¯t seem long at all. All the guests could not help but join in the auction and assist the items in reaching their full potential. BLIA North Island President Dolly Tsai won the bid for Yao Hong Ying¡¯s newest embroidery work. Everyone present applauded her for her generosity, and with that, the Charity Auction successfully concluded.

2008 Meals on Wheels - Since 1997, BLIA South Island has been a part of Red Cross¡¯s Meals on Wheels volunteering program which delivers meals to senior citizens who live alone. Every Tuesday, our members meet at 11 am to pick up the meals and then dividing into three routes, they deliver the meals. During winter, the meals have to be delivered very quickly to their designated houses so that the senior citizens can enjoy a hot meal. Through Meals on Wheels, we help send love into our community.

2008.08.16 Christchurch Vegetarian Society held a fundraising dinner at Fo Guang Tea House of FGS South Island and was attended by 71 people. Each year Christchurch Vegetarian Society chooses a vegetarian restaurant to hold their fundraising dinner. One of their members, Sasha, is also a member of Saving Animals from Exploitation and having attended SAFE¡¯s event at Fo Guang Tea House last year, she recommended Yolanda, Organizer of SAFE, to book Fo Guang Tea House for their fundraising dinner. Members of Christchurch Vegetarian Society who attended the fundraising dinner were very impressed by the cuisine provided by Fo Guang Tea House.

2008.01.05 - Social Event at a Lavender Farm. As it is the Chinese New Year, hosted by BLIA South Island and BLIA YAD South Island was the ¡®New Year BLIA Social Event¡¯. Under the leadership of Abbess Venerable Manshin, Venerable Juehao and BLIA South Island President Almeric Cheng, the group of over 70 travelled to BLIA South Island Advisor Mr. Lai¡¯s Lavender Farm. Young adults of BLIA YAD prepared a series of entertainment in attempt to fundraise for ANZBYC 2008. To conclude this social event, Abbess led the group in singing ¡®Harmonize¡¯. At the end of the social event, to the delight of members of BLIA YAD, over $1000 had been raised and they were very grateful to the generous donation of members of BLIA.

1999 to 2007 - Meals on Wheels - Since 1999, South Island Buddha¡¯s Light International Association assist the Red Cross to deliver over 120 meals each month to elderly people averaging 80 years old who live on their own under the guidance of Venerable J Hao and Buddha¡¯s Light International Association president.

1994 February - Indian earthquake disaster relief. South Island Buddha¡¯s Light International Association raises funds for the Indian Earthquake disaster, relief fund was distributed through Red Cross.

2009.12.20 That¡¯s the Spirit¡­BLIA Members Look After One Another!

On 20th December, BLIA members paid a visit to fellow veteran BLIA member Mrs. Meirong Huang, after learning that she has been unwell and unable to attend the weekly Dharma Services at the Temple for some time.

Eight people, namely BLIA South Island Vice-president Meihua Chen, North-one Subchapter President Guihua Yang, Dharma Lecturer Rona Chen, member Meier Cai, Venerable Juexi and several others visited Mrs. Huang and husband Mr. Murray Jorgensen.

At the age of 70, Ms. Huang expressed that she wishes to attend activities at the temple; however, with the condition of her health, she has been unable to visit so regularly. She noted that when she recovers from her poor health, she intends to go the Temple on a regular basis.

Venerable Juexi passed on all the best wishes from other BLIA members to Ms. Huang, and presented her with a six word mantra for protection. The Venerable also gave her holy water and Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva prayer beads, wishing that she may recover quickly. Ms. Huang and her husband both expressed their gratitude to the Venerable and BLIA members for their care and concern.

2009.09.13 Resthome Visiting Party Brings Love to its Residents

In order to show support to the senior community members of Christchurch, the BLIA South Island, along with its Young Adult Division paid a visit to the residents of Harewood resthome on 13th September. Visitors included the BLIA President, Vice-president, North-one Sub-chapter President, committee members and YAD1 and YAD2 Presidents, totaling around thirty people.

As the seniors sat quietly in their seats anticipating the exciting performances brought to them by the visitors, the BLIA members began with a Xinjiang Uygur and Mongolian dance which was then followed by President Almeric Cheng leading his Tai-Chi class to give some demonstrations.

To round up the performances, the youth group members performed hand gestures with the songs: ¡°Transform and Contribute¡± and ¡°Droplets of Gratitude¡±. With their contagious excitement and energies, they received rounds of grand applause from the residents and staff members.

At the conclusion of the visit, a representative from the resthome expressed their thanks and gratitude to the BLIA and YAD members for organising the visit and providing such thoughtful and heartfelt performances as well as giving them everlasting joy and unforgettable memories.

1999 to 2008 Meals on Wheels

Since 1999, South Island Buddha¡¯s Light International Association assist the Red Cross to deliver over 120 meals each month to elderly people averaging 80 years old who live on their own under the guidance of Venerable J Hao and Buddha¡¯s Light International Association president.

9th January 2005 Loving world

Responding to Buddha¡¯s Light International Association¡¯s ¡°Heatless Tsunami, Loving World¡± disaster relief movement, the South Island Buddha¡¯s Light International Association organised a memorial service for the South Asia Tsunami victims. Over 120 people attended the service including Dharma Masters from other Buddhist Association, representatives of Christchurch Chinese Associations and members of Buddha¡¯s Light International Association. World TV, the Chinese TV station of New Zealand came and broadcasted the event as this is the first Asian community group which conducted disaster relief activity.

February 1994 Indian earthquake disaster relief

South Island Buddha¡¯s Light International Association raises funds for the Indian Earthquake disaster, relief fund was distributed through Red Cross.

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