Wonders of Embroidery 每 Yao Hong Ying Embroidery Art Exhibition

Venue: Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island
Address: 2 Harakeke Street, Riccarton, Christchurch
Contact telephone: (03) 341 6276

From 28th February 2009 to 26th July 2009, the embroidery artworks by Yao Hong Ying were exhibited at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island. The exhibition not only stirred the quiet city of Christchurch but also attracted residents from distant towns to witness such spectacular wonder as passed on by families and friends.

Born in a small town in Su province of China, Yao Hong Ying developed her passion for embroidery at a young age after being introduced to the old tradition. She mentioned ※each needle, each thread, embroidered into beautiful brocade. Like my life, the silk thread connects an era to another§. Learning the art of embroidery diligently, she understood that ※even if it looks right, it is not enough. The work must have life and the spirit of art embroidered into the very fabric itself§. As the society transformed with time, she realised the importance of continuing the tradition and passing on the same knowledge that was passed onto her by her ancestors. Seeing that as her duty and responsibility, the ※Yin Yin Embroidery School§ was born in the vision to cultivate more embroidery talents.

Starting off the same as others around her, how did she become so outstanding today? This is because she understood that ※embroidery not only takes skills, but one must learn to comprehend, to understand the spirit of the subject, and for both the hands and heart to connect for the desired result to be achieved§. Using the traditional Su province embroidery methods, she reinterprets calligraphy paintings and natural sceneries turning the simply embroidery into life on fabric through the up and down motion of the needle.

Her work was exhibited in Taiwan during 2005 successfully and soon afterwards, her artworks began touring the rest of the Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery throughout the world. The exhibition in Christchurch has concluded in the meantime and the artifact crosses the Pacific Ocean to Nan Tien Temple in Australia. After the agreement between Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island and Ms. Yao Hong Ying herself, there will be a second embroidery exhibition scheduled for 2010 for the other half of her collection never before seen in Christchurch, once again to bring wonders to the city as another opportunity not to be missed.