Master Won Sung 每 Little Monk Watercolour Painting Exhibition

Venue: Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island
Address: 2 Harakeke Street, Riccarton, Christchurch
Contact telephone: (03) 341 6276

The well-known South Korean monk painter, Master Won Sung created these pieces titled ※The Little Monk§ which along with both the name and painting became widely recognised across the globe. His artwork has so far reached, originating from South Korea, to international platforms in New York, Tokyo and Milan for exhibition and has also been credited with many international art awards as well as attracting great response from art and literature sectors.

Born in 1972, Master Won Sung became a monk at a young age and studied social welfare in the university. In the ※Little Monk§ painting series, Master Won Sung portrayed the childlike nature of the little monk through the fine brush strokes, and allowing the viewers to feel and resonate with the empathy and peacefulness that they perceive. Master Won Sung uses these clever illustrations to explain the philosophies of Buddhism to his viewers from a more relaxed perspective.

Through the many exhibitions across the world, Master Won Sung has gained many supporters and today, Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery South Island plans to exhibit Master Won Sung*s ※Little Monk§ painting series in 2011.