FGS South Island Tea Meditation in Serenity Raining Day

Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island New Zealand had once again held tea meditation, led by Temple minister in Charge Venerable Jue Xi along with six tea practitioner serving thirty devotees. Even with rainy days, the weather does not affect the devotees. Thru this event, the participants had taken the opportunity to meet people and efficiently get into the arranged meditation seats.

This week meditation introducing Great Mahamaudgalyayana, one of Sakyamuni Buddha top ten disciples with supernatural powers. Group leader, Vicky along with two other members, Kitty and Lihson Ding explains the life story of Venerable Mahamaudgalyayana and the process of learning Buddhism to understand Great Mahamaudgalyayanas life.

As a start of tea meditation, Venerable Jue Xi had guided the attendees in physical meditation for mindfulness relaxation. Thereafter, the practitioner would be able to offer a meditative tea to all relaxed attendees. Venerable Jue Xi explained that tea meditation process allowed the practitioner to practice on concentration and the attendees to receive an offered tea filled with deep peace and joy. The taste of the offered tea are reflecting ones current feelings and emotion. Venerable also uses this opportunity to explain Chan that exist everywhere in our daily life and it may be obtained with your open heart.

During the tea meditation, performer Li Ming performed a beautiful music with her musical instrument, Erhu (Chinese two-strings Violin). In addition to the musical, the rain water dripping sounds had enhance the Zen environment for all the participants. Tea practitioner and participant expressed that the tea meditation being held at Big Buddha Hall had given them a precious experience, deep peace and feeling of happiness with the offered tea.