A Visit from Korean Artist, Helena

Korean artist Helena Kim which specializes in egg art came enjoyed a healthy vegetarian meal at the Water Drop Caf¨¦ Christchurch on 1st of March with her elder sister Ms. Maria and Justices of Peace in Christchurch, Ron Wright accompanied by his wife, Shona. Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island New Zealand (NZ) Temple Supervisor, Venerable Juexi and Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) South Island NZ members welcomed them and Fo Guang Yuan(FGY) Art Gallery II tour guide, Vicky gave them a tour at the current exhibition of ¡°Humanity and Love oil Paintings¡± by Zijian Li.

Helena exhibited her artwork at the FGY Art Gallery II in August 2008 and September 2009 with great response from the people of Christchurch. As her sister came visiting New Zealand and knowing that FGS South Island NZ has reopened, Helena specially came for a visit.

While Vicky introduced ¡°Humanity and Love Oil Paintings¡± to Helena, Vicky also explained the story of how FGS founder Venerable Master Hsing Yun and the artist, Zijian Li connected. The Kim sisters then appreciated the works of ¡°Peasant Family¡± and ¡°Late Autumn¡± which bring back happy memories of their childhood. Helena felt joy that she could still see the dignified temple and Venerable Master¡¯s calligraphy has also touched her heart. She has then taken a few photos of the Venerable Master hoping that she could use it in her future artwork.

Venerable Juexi then presented the book ¡°366 Days with Wisdom¡± authored by Venerable Master to the visitors and wish it could give everyone wonderful days ahead.