U3A Art Appreciation to Humanity and Love

9 members from the U3A Art Appreciation visited Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery II on 4 March for a temple tour. The Art Gallery¡¯s tour guide, Vicky, have led them to the latest exhibition, ¡°Humanity and Love Oil Painting by Zijian Li¡± in appreciating the artworks ¡°Native Land Series¡±, ¡°Childhood¡± and others; following on introducing the cause and conditions in between of the artist, Zijian Li and Fo Guang Shan founder, Venerable Master Hsing Yun.

Well after, the group enjoyed tea at the Water Drop Vegetarian Caf¨¦ and talked about the art they have appreciated. They expressed that the artist brings out humanities and life in China in a very lively manner, giving oil painting a new perspective. The group could also feel the effort the artist which is from a pure heart describing humanity.

The visitors were touched on how the artist cared about the safety of the children at the Sichuan earthquake that happened some years ago. The elders thanked Vicky for her enthusiastic explanation and would introduce family and friends to enjoy such a lively "human nature".