Visiting of Minister of Custom to FGS South Island

On March 24, Minister of Customs, Minister for Disability Issues, Hon. Nicky Wagner, had visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) temple. Temple Supervisor, Venerable Jue Xi, Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) South Island board directors, Tracy Chen, English sub chapter President, Sally Lim, Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Public Relation Vicky Han and other devotees have welcomed Hon. Nicky Wagner to the temple. Hon Nicky was an honourable guest to the temple throughout the years especially during Buddha¡¯s Birthday Day. In August 2016, Hon. Nicky had attended the opening ceremony of, ¡°One Stroke Calligraphy¡± exhibition by Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Due to his busy schedule, Hon. Nicky had purposely arranged in paying a visit to FGS today.

Vicky had introduced ¡°Humanity and Love Oil Paintings¡± by Zijian Li and ¡°Contemplation + Deliberation¡± sculpture exhibition by local artist, Paul Deans as well as a brief introduction of the affinities between Venerable Master Hsing Yun and Zijian Li. While Hon. Nicky was appreciating the oil painting, she was amazed and repeatedly complimenting the oil painting had filled with warm family interaction and rich expression of character.

Venerable Jue Xi, on behalf of temple, had presented a gift, ¡°366 Days With Wisdom¡± by Venerable Master Hsing Yun to Hon. Nicky. Instantly, she read out the birth date quotes of hers, realising the power and wisdom of ¡°giving¡± in the quotes. As a Minister for Disability Issue, Hon. Nicky had expressed that New Zealand had a good welfare system, however, numerous disable resident felt that they deserved the government welfare without any gratitude and yet showed their dissatisfaction and complaints towards the welfare system. Hon. Nicky praises FGS devotees whom practices Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡¯s ¡°3 Good Deeds and 4 Givings¡± and embodied the spirit in their life. The power of Giving, had leads New Zealand to a harmonious society surrounded with positive vibes.

Venerable Inviting and welcoming Hon. Nicky to hosting the ¡°Bird¡¯s Eye View¡± forum in temple. As in return, Hon. Nicky Wagner were thankful for FGS hospitality and arranged to meet again next month during Buddha¡¯s Birthday Celebration.