Local Artist Contemplates and Deliberates

Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch hosted an opening exhibition tea session for a famous local sculpting artist, Paul Deans entitled ¡°Contemplation + Deliberation¡± on 25 March. FGY Art Gallery New Zealand (NZ) curator ¨C Venerable Abbess Manshin, Temple Supervisor ¨C Venerable Juexi and 30 more friends and family members of the artist attended.

Paul Deans thanked FGY Art Gallery for providing him a wonderful venue to exhibit his work from all these years. He expressed that he vowed to become an artist at the age of 4 which was influenced by his father. He has then introduced ¡°The Victory Dance of the Peacemaker¡± where his desire for peace is expressed in this art piece. Before this creation, he has meditated and the curves of the dancer gradually emerged; Paul then sketched it on a piece of paper where the name of this piece also arises spontaneously. The original piece of this art was sculptured in wood from an American collector and the one exhibiting in this exhibition is bronze. The artist then introduced ¡°Mask¡±, ¡°Abundance¡± and others.

Friend of the artist, Henry Sunderland felt proud to see Paul exhibit his artworks again. FGY art gallery¡¯s coordinator Vicky Han then explained the cause and conditions of Paul Deans exhibition being exhibited, how FGY art gallery globally convey good vibes and provide a platform for artists to have an ideal space to display their artwork.

The curator, Venerable Abbess Manshin, admires the attitude of the artist's dedication because his craziness and enthusiasm shows the inner beauty and innocence of the true feelings through art which touches the inner soul of viewers. Venerable Abbess Manshin then encouraged everyone to become artists of their on lives and create their own lives. The curator then hopes that the FGY art galleries in NZ brings more positive energy to the community and could make Christchurch into a more beautiful place.

16 of Paul Deans sculptures are exhibited at the FGY Art Gallery Christchurch which is lively and delicate, winning praises from viewers. Local artist Paul Deans who joined the sculpture department of "Lord of The Rings" in 2000 moreover commissioned to design and create a series of life-sized sculptures for film director Peter Jackson's "Castle Ruins" in 2004, now has his artworks exhibiting at Fo Guang Yuan Art Gallery Christchurch. Paul Deans ancestors are Europe's earliest immigrants to New Zealand, dating back to 170 years of history, their old house sitting in Christchurch's Riccarton Bush, is open to public visit.