An Award from the Multicultural CHCH Society

In order to thank Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island New Zealand (NZ) multiculturalism services in Christchurch, the Christchurch Multicultural Society President, Dr. Surinder, Vice President, Kevin Park and 3 other members of the society visited FGS South Island NZ on the 16th of June to award a certificate of merit to the temple. FGS NZ Venerable Abbess Manshin, FGS South Island NZ Temple Minister in Charge, Venerable Jue Xi, Buddhas Light International Association (BLIA) South Island NZ Vice Presidents Louisa Kuo and James Low, Committee member Tracy Chen, BLIA members Ding Lih Son, Kok Wei Low, Vicky Han and many more warmly welcomed them.

Dr. Surinder gave an introduction on how the Christchurch Multicultural Society has helped to foster harmonious coexistence and communication between cultures by hosting various activities allowing the people of Christchurch to mix and interact with each other. It is these interactions between groups such as FGS and BLIA South Island, Canterbury Interfaith Society, and many more cultural/religious groups, which act to increase the level of understanding between people from different backgrounds. The certificate of merit is awarded for the extraordinary contribution od FGS to the wider multicultural community in Christchurch.

Venerable Abbess Manshin spoke of how FGS put effort in sharing Humanistic Buddhism using visions of Fo Guang Shans founder Venerable Master Hsing Yuns 3 Good Acts, 4 Givings and 5 Harmonious out into the world, at the same time, helping the New Zealand Police with their crime reduction program, by adhering to the five precepts in Buddhism. When Christchurch was struck by the devastating earthquakes, FGS and BLIA did not leave, but stayed to help the survivors through the hard times, offering both physical and spiritual support to the community. At the end of this visit, Venerable Abbess Manshin presented the visitors copies of the FGS NZ 10 Year Anniversary book, to commemorate the highlights from the past decade hoping more collaboration chances for the future.