Relaxing Tea Meditation

The English Tea Meditation class continues on 24 June guided by Buddhas Light International Association (BLIA) member, Ding Lih Son and Kokwei Low with 10 students practicing walking, sitting and tea meditation. The guidance includes the counting of breath and mindfulness. Later on, three practitioners prepared tea for the students and they all felt appreciated with the fragrant and crisp tea served.

The students then shared their experience of morning and evening meditation, as Ding shared tips on how to have focus while meditating in the morning and have a relaxed mind while meditating in the evening. Students also asked, Are flavored tea appropriate for tea meditation? And the answer is not about the taste is, but as natural as the tea is, the healthier it is. Questions on new classes next term were also enquired and it will be starting in September. As the new term could strengthen focus and meditation, everyone is welcomed, especially those that have participated before for a more in-depth experience.