PEETO College¡¯s Students 1st Visit

To enable new migrant students from PEETO English Language College Christchurch to better understand the local culture, led by their teacher, about 40 Afro-Asian students of the College visited Fo Guang Shan (FGS) South Island on 27th June. They were welcome by Fo Guang Yuen (FGY) Art Gallery coordinator Vicky Han, Buddhist Light International Association (BLIA) members Tracy Chen and Frida Dai.

The visitors were first taken to FGY Art Gallery where they were introduced to the ¡°Exhibition of Love and Humanity¡± Oil Paintings by Artist Li Zijian. The students were full of praises for the rich emotion and finesse expressed in the paintings, and were particularly moved by the magnificent portrait of Venerable Master Hsing Yun. Many took the opportunity to have their photographs taken with the portrait.

Next, the students visited the Pottery Exhibition by Averil Cave held at the Time corridor. While there, BLIA members introduced to them the eight phases of contributions by Master Hsing Yun towards Humanistic Buddhism during his life span. After coming into contact with the writings of Venerable Master Hsing Yun, the visitors learned about the many difficulties faced by FGS New Zealand in the promotion and propagation of Humanistic Buddhism.

They expressed their appreciation and gratitude towards FGS in infusing kindness and positive vibe into New Zealand. Art Gallery coordinator Vicky Han also took the opportunity to introduce, in English, the concept of Three Good Deeds, Four Givings and Five Harmonies to the students, so that in the process of understanding Humanistic Buddhism, they could also learn English Language.

Before the end of the visit, the teacher took the students to the Water Drop Cafeteria for an evening tea, and students were encouraged to express, in English, their personal views of the visit. Finally before departure, the teacher thanked FGS for the interesting visit, and expressed the wish to visit the Temple again.