PEETO Students 3rd Visit to FGS Christchurch

Led by teacher Ms Keylene, another batch of 12 students from Christchurch PEETO English Language College paid a visit to Fo Guang Shan (FGS) Temple South Island on the 4th of July. On arrival, they were welcome by Frida Dai, and taken for a tour the Fo Guang Yuen Art Gallery.

At the í░Humanity and Love oil Paintingsí▒ by Artist LI Zijian, one of the students who has, due to the nature of his work, previously travelled extensively in China, expressed his deep appreciation for Artist Lií»s work on the minority people of China. According to him, in these paintings, Artist Li has managed to capture the rich emotions and deep feelings of minority people of China.

Ms Keylene re-affirmed her willingness to take her students for visits to FGS Temple, and hoped that, in future, the students would in turn bring their families and friends to visit the Temple.

At the Buddha Hall, Firda explained to the visitors the intricacies involved in the layout of the Hall. The statue of Buddha is positioned in such a way that, through the glass panels, the Buddha stature is able to have a full view of Port Hills, the highest hill around Christchurch. Similarly, those who are driving from Port Hills towards the city at night will be able to see the Buddha stature from the road. The visitors were amazed by the efforts put in by the designer of the Buddha Hall.

Before departure, Frida distributed to each visitor a pamphlet containing the programme of the coming activities of FGS, and urged the visitors to take part in these activities.