Sunday English Dharma Study Class

In the morning of Sunday 9th July 2017, BLIA South Island English Sub-chapter conducted its English Dharma Study Class in Fo Guang Shan Temple South Island. The class was attended by 8 members headed by Sub-chapter President Sally Lim.

The book ¡°Humanistic Buddhism - Holding True to the Original Intents of Buddha¡± written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun was the reading material of the day. Members took turn to read and digest chapter 5 of the book, and were submerged in interesting discussions during the course of reading. Chapter 5 covered the Contemporary Development of Humanistic Buddhism and was separated into 5 sections: cultural publications, education, propagation societies, charitable activities and internationalization. This session managed to cover the cultural publication section and first part of the section on education.

Along the way, when asked, BLIA Vice President James Low explained the meaning of ¡®Tripitaka¡¯ as the three main categories of Buddhist canon namely the Vinaya Pitaka, the Sutra Pitaka, and the Abhidharma Pitaka. The Vinaya-pitaka, contains the rules of communal life for monks and nuns; the Sutra-pitaka, is a collection of sermons of the Buddha and senior disciples; and the Abhidharma-pitaka, contains interpretations and analyses of Buddhist concepts.
Members also spent some time discussing the topics: Master Yin Guang¡¯s proposal on the remedy of the Three Abuses, and Master Taixu¡¯s Three Major Buddhist Reforms.
Over all, the class was filled with lively discussions, and members were treated to light refreshments along the way. Before departure, members expressed their eagerness to meet again next Sunday morning.