Home-coming of Buddha Statue to FGS South Island

The 2-meter tall Buddha statue, which has been with Fo Guang Shan Temple South Island for more than 20 years, has finally returned to the temple on 25th July 2017, after undergoing repair and restoration for more than 2 months. Led by BLIA member Bernie, 6 workers from the workshop reinstated the Buddha Statue in the middle of the courtyard of the temple. Once again, visitors to the temple would be greeted with Compassion by the Buddha Statue!

In all the annual Buddha Birthday Celebrations, the Buddha Statue has always been installed in the middle of the venue. It has always been the prominent figure and centre of attention whenever the celebration is conducted, whether at the Christchurch Cathedral Square in the early years, or at the Westpac Arena or Riccarton Race Course in later years. Due to the continuous exposure to the outdoors, the conditions of the Buddha statue deteriorated, and it was found that it could no longer withstand it anymore.

Out of his love for Buddha, and unable to bear the sight of the damaged Buddha Statue, Bernie made a vow to look for workers to restore the Statue. His effort was rewarded when he finally found a proper workshop to undertake the repair and restoration work. The statue was transported to the workshop where it underwent extensive repair to the base and the Buddhas feet, the hand and the back of the statue.

The repair and restoration work was not without its share of disagreements and arguments among the workers, but these were quickly subdued when the workers realised that they were under the watchful but compassionate glance of the Buddha. They always reminded themselves not to spoil the harmonious atmosphere. Though they are not Buddhists, these local workers were very much captivated by the compassion exhibited by Buddha Statue. They became quite attached to the Statue and were sad that they have to part with it after the completion of the restoration work. They promised to regularly visit their Buddha Statue in the temple.

While the Buddha Statue was away undergoing restoration work, some regular Kiwi visitors to the temple enquired about the where-about of the Statue and asked for the reason for its removal. They missed the Buddha Statue and hoped to see it again! Now that the Buddha Statue is back in the temple, it is hoped that it will once again bring peace and happiness to all devotees and visitors. Through the Compassion generated, the Buddha Statue will surely impart a sense of warmth and happiness to all! May the Buddha Statue be with the temple for another 20 years!