Relationship between A.I & Humanistic Buddhism

The 2017 ANZBYC second talk was led by Chief Abbess of Oceania, Venerable Manko and General Manager of Hsing Yun Education Foundation, Venerable Juefang on 5th August sharing the value of Humanistic Buddhism in this contemporary world.

Before the class, two questions were brought out by Venerable Manko for the participants to ponder: The value and meaning of Humanistic Buddhism to people and the society. The class provide a platform for the participants to discuss on the impact of Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the current society and how can we learn and adapt in this fast changing world.

Venerable Manko described the concept of AI should connect with Buddhism as a proactive approach with the Buddhism learning of faith, understanding, practice and realization. First, we need to have faith. Having faith in Buddhism is to not give up, as not giving up in the development of AI is important. To understand is to know the depth of AI and learning the creativity to solve problems. In practicing, is like a human to work diligently with heart and soul, which AI could facilitate in helping others in practicing 3 Good Deeds and 4 Givings. In realization, it gives the way of establishing wisdom working together with the community.

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