20th ANZBYC Abbess Time

Abbess of Fo Guang Shan NZ, Venerable Manshin and Abbess of Chung Tian Temple, Venerable Chueh Shan were invited to have a Abbess Time with 2017 ANZBYC participants on 5th August. Venerable Manshin shared the blessing from Venerable Miao Guang who in Taiwan, and she also explained the scarfs was specially made for the 20th ANZBYC to encourage youths to spread Humanistic Buddhism in Oceania diligently.

Venerable Chueh Shan said that positive energy was felt from the IT team in FGS Christchurch once stepping into the venue. She continued that youths from the Young Adult Division (YAD) of today are the BLIA committee of tomorrow. The Abbess then thanked Venerable Master Hsing Yun in having this condition for all BLIA members in developing their potentials.

In this sharing session, participants Stacey Weng, James Yang, Hiking Liu and Arthur Liu shared their experience in going through ANZBYC for 20 years with guidance of Venerables, friendship formed, and having a chance to participate this conference again was a great honour. BLIA North Island President, Lintao Yu and Christchurch YAD President, Zhang Dong both shared, even they missed the chance to participate ANZBYC in earlier years, the guidance of the Venerables gave them light into the right direction.

Those who participated for the first time have also thanked FGS and the organising committee in giving them a chance to join in this meaningful event and fulfilling an important mission. Sydney YAD, Chia Lee Tai, told that the shoulder scarf that was especially made for the 20th ANZBYC shows great energy and dignity shining the right direction of the BLIA and YAD.

All participants gave gratitude to the organising committee as it brings them back to the original content to the heart and great rejuvenation.