2017 ANZBYC came to a Perfect Conclusion

The 2017 ANZBYC entered its final day, the 7th of August, with a concluding ceremony in the Buddha Hall. It was attended by the Abbess of Fo Guang Shan New Zealand, Venerable Manshin, the Abbess of Chung Tian Temple, Queensland, Venerable Chueh Shan, Senior YADs and forty delegates. Distinguished guests including Inspector Al Stewart, Artist Keith Morant and Tricia Morant, Artist Justine, Deputy Director of BLIA Oceania Fellowship Committee, Ms Dolly Tsai, BLIA World Headquarters Executive Council Member, Mrs Dominique Yu, BLIA North Island President, Mr Lintao Yu, BLIA South Island President, Ms Seeshen Lee, BLIA South Island Vice President, Ms Ming Yuan Guo and BLIA members.

In her speech, Abbess Manshin highlighted the role of the newly established ANZBYC Steering Committee in mentoring and supporting the organisation of future ANZBYC. She expressed her hope that this years theme, Consensus and Openness, will be actualised in the everyday lives of the participants, and that it will bring home the spirit of the conference; while reminding each participant do not forget the initial aspirations.

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