AGM and the 12th Board of Directors Elections

On 19 August 2017, Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) South Island NZ held its ¡°2017 Annual General Meeting and the 12th Board of Directors Elections¡±. In attendance were BLIA South Island President, Seeshen Lee, Advisors Sandy Liao and John Lai, Vice Presidents Louisa Kuo, Elsa Hayes and James Low, the current committee and members that sums up to around 50 people. The meeting was supervised by FGS NZ Abbess Venerable Abbess Manshin and FGS South Island Minister in Charge Venerable Juexi.

President Lee presented the BLIA Annual Report which shows past year¡¯s Community Service; Recruitment of New Members, Dharma Study Classes, Intercultural Activities and Young Adult Division (YAD) activities. Later on, West Subchapter President, Louisa Kuo, North Subchapter Vice President Mei-Hwa Chen, English Subchapter President, Sally Lim and YAD Christchurch President, Zhang Dong each presented report of activities carried out. These were then followed by presentation of the Annual Financial Report by the Treasurer, Tiffany Su.

The agenda then followed with discussion of past activities and future activities:
1) Promotion of ¡°Complete Works of Venerable Master Hsing Yun¡±. Members were recommended to have a set of this rare collection. BLIA South Island committee member William responded to the call by sponsoring 1 set of the books which will be kept in FGS South Island;
2) Suggestions to have BLIA South Island members to participate in the Ullambana Festival Dharma Function that will be happening on the 3rd of September at FGS North Island;
3) BLIA South Island members to participate at the 6th BLIA World Headquarters Meeting to be held in conjunction with the opening of Malaysia¡¯s Hsing Ma Temple in Malaysia between the 4th and 8th of October 2017;
4) Fund Raising for BLIA South Island. Members to have awareness on current donations are proceedings to the BLIA South Island: (a) Education Fund, (b) Charity Fund, and (c) General Fund;
5) An afternoon tea would be held at Water Drop Caf¨¦ at 3.00 pm on the 29th of October 2017 to thank all volunteers and community service teams which all members are invited;
6} Members were encouraged to participate in the Fund Raising Dinner for the ¡°Hsing Yun Education Foundation¡± for Nan Tien Institute to be held on the 30th of September 2017 in FGS Temple North Island;
7) Members were encouraged to participate in the ¡®Dharma Talk¡¯ on 14th October 2017, and ¡®Taking Refuge in Triple Gem and Five Precepts Ceremony¡¯ on 15th October 2017. Both events would be conducted by Venerable Abbot Hsin Bau in FGS Temple North Island:
8) Members were encouraged to join in the ¡°Dialog Session¡± on 16th October 2017, and participate in the Dharma talk by on the 17th of October 2017, where both events to be held with Venerable Hsing Bau at FGS South Island.

Later in the meeting, 15 committee members were elected for the 12th Board of Directors Election of BLIA South Island with the first voting of 1 President and 2 Vice Presidents to be chosen chosen amongst them. For the 12th Council, Bernie Siew was elected to be the new President of BLIA South Island with James Low and Ding Lih Son as Vice Presidents. BLIA Advisors Lai and Liao thanked Venerable Abbess Manshin and BLIA for holding true to the visions and missions of Fo Guang Shan, and they promised to render their full assistance to the newly elected President and his team. Next, the meeting introduced and welcomed the new members to the BLIA family.

Venerable Abbess Manshin then thanked Advisors Lai and Liao for their support, and the BLIA members for their participation in various activities through cultural and educational interactions with locals, propagating Humanistic Buddhism in New Zealand. Venerable Abbess Manshin also informed the meeting that FGS South Island will kick-start the ¡®3 Good Deeds, 4 Givings¡¯ Education Programme in 2018. To date, more than 700 students from 3 schools have registered their participation with FGS South Island. BLIA members were urged to seize the rare opportunity to participate in the ¡®Buddha Talk¡¯ by Venerable Abbot Hsin Bau. They were also urged to involve themselves diligently in the various voluntary activities organised by FGS. The meeting finally came to a cheerful end after an outstanding ¡®Stars and Clouds¡¯ Hand gesture performed by BLIA YAD South Island.