Launch of 'Aqua Et Lux' Exhibition at FGY CHCH

On 9th September 2017, New Zealand born fliming editor, artist and animator Ken Clark held his 'Aqua Et Lux' photo exhibition at Fo Guang Yuan (FGY) Art Gallery Christchurch. The opening of the exhibition was celebrated with a tea party attended by friends and relatives of Ken clark, many local artists, FGY Art Gallery coordinator Vicky Han, Lih Son Ding and 20 other visitor.

Ken Clark began his launch by thanking the FGY Art Gallery team for doing a good job in the arrangement of the exhibits in the elegant room. Next he talked about the reason and inspiration behind the creation of the exhibited items. According to Ken, 'Aqua Et Lux' is the Latin version of 'Water and Light'. Whether it is in mythology or, in science, it has been proven that the creation of Life on Earth could never be separated from the interaction between Water and Light. The exhibits were products of dialogue between the artist and these two elements, Water and Light. Afterwards, Ken went through his works, piece by piece, with the visitors. Each piece of works was produced in an abstract way by imposing the photo prints of light and shadow repeatedly layer over layer. This had the effect of demonstrating the cyclical nature in, and interconnectivity between, Human Life and the Universe. Ken hoped that each person should be at peace to interpret the works according to his own personal life experience.

At the exhibition, relatives of Ken Clark congratulated him over the successful launch and were full of praise for the lighting arrangement. The shining of light onto the exhibits had the effect of increasing the fluidity of Water and Light in the works and caused them to come to life. This had a very pleasing effect on the viewers. On a side note, Ken Clark was elated to meet with artist Keith Morant at the launch. Both have been Facebook friends for many years. This was the first time they met each other physically because both were having exhibitions at FGY Art Gallery Christchurch at the same time. Keith Morant promised to take his guests on a tour of Ken¡¯s works when they visit his exhibition on 20th September. BLIA members were of the view that the works by Ken bore much similarities to the Buddhist¡¯s concept of ¡®Reincarnation¡¯. After the opening, they seized the opportunity to have an interesting discussion with Ken on the subject of the ¡®twelve links of Dependent Origination¡¯ expounded by Buddha.

In his early days, Ken was involved with filming and videotape editing, and had in 1973 won the 3rd price of BBC Television, ASIFA, ICOGRADA Animated Film Competition. In 2003, in the New Zealand Academy of Film & Television Arts, he was nominated for Best Contribution to Design Award. Ken had also won several international awards on the Short Films produced by him. The Aqua Et Lux exhibition will be held from 9th September to 8th October 2017 at FGY Art Gallery Christchurch, and during the span of the exhibition, Ken will occasionally come by to offer explanation on the works to the visitors.