Tree Planting within Buddha¡¯s Light

The Christchurch City Council organised the Halswell Quarry Park Planting Days to restore native wetlands swale into the park. It is organised on a few Saturdays which started from 3rd June and in the association with the ¡°Trees for Canterbury¡± group, BLIA members were invited to join the event on the 23rd of September. 23 BLIA members, including BLIA South Island NZ Vice President, Louisa Kuo, Committee Member, Jack Liu and other BLIS members volunteered into the event and had fun with other organisations while protecting the Christchurch environment.

Over one hundred volunteers showed up on the event and have planted around 500 plants moreover, building a better landscape for it. The event was a successful one and the host have prepared light snacks for all participants. After the event, BLIA members had a visit at the Japanese Garden of Halswell Quarry Park named Kurashiki Garden. Enjoying the view and appreciating blooming cherry blossoms on a bright sunny day, the BLIA members felt Buddha¡¯s Light shining on them, giving them positive energy to endure for the whole day and be strong to continue propagating Dharma.