Prayer for World Peace Month in Hagley Park

In order to promote world peace, 13 Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) members which includes President See-Shen Lee, Vice President Louisa Kuo and Upcoming Vice President Ding Lih Son attended the 2017 ¡°Canterbury Interfaith Society ¨C Prayer for World Peace¡± held in Hagley Park, on the Sunday of 22 October. Catholic, Baha'i, Hindu, Methodist, Stonecircle Interfaith, Twelvers Shia Group, Brahma Kumaris, Hare Krishna, Unification, Tibetan Buddhism and lastly the Mahayana Buddhist Group represented by the BLIA members were there to attend this ceremony. Diane Downward, the President of Canterbury Interfaith Society started the ceremony, with Matthew Gardner, the Secretary of Canterbury Interfaith Society hosting the event.

After the opening speech and the words given by the Secretary, representative from Baha¡¯I, Brahma Kumaris, Christian Hindu and a saying from Buddha represented by Ding was read with a candle. The candle were then placed on to a candle stand which represents peace for every faith at the end of the readings.

Next, each representative from various faiths recite the prayers of peace in their own solemn way. BLIA members recited ¡°Prayers for World Peace¡± written by Venerable Master Hsing Yun as his wishes and thoughts can bring inspirations to other religions. Lastly, the Peace Bell was rung, with the hope that this world will remain peaceful and all war fire will cease.