Continuing the Conversation at SCOUTS

On the 2nd of November, the New Zealand Government House organised a ¡°SCOUTS New Zealand Leader Symposium¡± which was entitled ¡°Continuing the Conversation: Service Collaboration for Better Youth Outcomes¡±. Attending the meeting were Josh Tabor, Chief Executive of SCOUTS New Zealand, Stuart Francis, SCOUTS New Zealand National Chair, Michael Webster, Secretary of the Cabinet/Clerk of the Executive Council, His Honour Judge Andrew Becroft, Principal Youth Court Judge of New Zealand, Anya Satyanand, the peak body for youth development in New Zealand, Ara Taiohi, Director of Ministry of Youth Development, New Zealand, Linn Araboglos, GirlGuiding New Zealand Chief Executive, Susan Coleman, government representatives, youths from different groups that made up to around 70 attendees including Buddha¡¯s Light International Association (BLIA) Young Adult Division (YAD) members, Karzin Leong and Kokwei Low.

In his welcoming address on behalf of the Governor, SCOUTS New Zealand Chair Michael Webster expressed that many youths are not sure about self-worthiness. They hope that new ideas and consensus will be generated through meetings to a service direction that could enlighten more youths. Judge Andrew Becroft said that there are currently 1.12 million youths in New Zealand and 2% of them are struggling with life and 1% are involved with crime. These youths were not given attention to and are often bullied and abused. We should let all youth see hope and improve their quality of life, achieving it through solidarity, cooperation and resource sharing.

The meeting was continued with a workshop that talked about:
1) Commissioning
2) Innovation & Social Enterprise
3) Data Collection, Impact and Evaluation
4) Philanthropic Partnerships in New Zealand
5) Youth in Governance
Everyone actively shared their thoughts and experience to reach a better consensus and in the end, goals are noted down to hopefully reach these achievements until the meeting next year.